I'm new to this site


Thanks for adding me to your site. I was struggling with instructions in a pattern and came across this site which is really helpful. I’ve been knitting on and off for years but have been knitting quite a lot with my first grandson having been born 2 months ago.
Looking forward to finding out tips here


Welcome Janice!!!

There are lots of people here who are willing to help!



Welcome to KH, Janice! I’ve got a 15 month old granddaughter! Kids are fun to knit for! People are fairly quick to respond so ask for help when you need it!


A helpful site is Bevscountrycottage.com. She has all kinds of baby and toddler patterns. Also ones for adults. Simple and good patterns for charity. She also has size charts for babies and all sizes.


Many thanks
I’m still struggling with the hat instructions. It’s a pointed baby hat that says
Join back seam reversing sewing for 5 cm for turn back so am not sure what this means thanks Janice



You are going to sew the hat for as long as the directions tell you to from the wrong side of the work. You will leave a few inches free at the bottom. Then you will sew this from the opposite right side. When you flip the brim up, you won’t see the seam.