I'm new here - hi

Hello everyone
I’m just finding my way around here - had a bit of prob registering as my first 2 choices for a catchy username already taken (hello to knittynora & knittykitty).

I’m a sort of beginner but have managed a few items over the years, never taking to knitting as successfully as I did with dressmaking. However now I’m semi-retired and with time to practice I am hoping my skills will improve.

I hope you will all be patient with me and I look forward to getting some help from this great website - have already viewed some videos and have been amazed at how helpful they are.

I live in UK in the county of Kent and have 2 grown up children and 2 grandsons who all want scarves and hats in their respective football team colours so thats my next project and I will be looking for all the help I can get on how to achieve the ‘stripes’!!

Many thanks in advance.

Hi KittyCat.

Your username made me laugh because my three year old has a new pink kitty (Christmas pressie) that she loves, so is now referring to herself as KittyCat and crawling around the house purring :roflhard:

I’m in Sheffield. Loving this website, its turning me from a hobby knitter to an obsessed geeky chatty knitter.

Good luck with the football scarves. Stripes are really easy. If you make them each an even number of rows, you can easily swap colour at the end of a row and just carry the wool up the side. 4rows per stripe should be good.

Good luck :thumbsup:


Welcome, KittyCat!!

Welcome aboard!! You will love it here! It’s the friendliest forum on the net. Everyone is always there to help when you have a question or problem. :smiley:

Welcome. This is a great site for learning and always someone here to help. Enjoy! :knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

:muah: Welcome, as you can see I love cats too. Have 3 indoor adopted from shelters and hubby found one 1 yr. ago today. Feed 3 “stray” (one for the 14 yrs. we’ve lived here LOL) who stay in the garage when the weather is bad. OK if I remember to cover the cars 'cause they love to lay on them. Love those paw marks. You can get a lot of help here, I mostly crochet, but if I knit, I come here first for help, which I need all the time!!

Welcome KittyCat!:waving:

Hello KittyCat! Welcome to Knitting Help. I’m relatively new here as well and I have found it to be the resource I come to first when I’m scratching my head about something to do with knitting.

Welcome Kittycat!

Hello and welcome,

I currently live in Ireand but am from the UK originally and went to Uni in Canterbury and stayed there for 5 years after graduating. I worked in Ashford and Chatham. I still miss Canterbury after 15 years away but fully intend to live there when I am an old lady!

I am a new knitter and everything I now is from KnittingHelp videos and YouTube


Welcome to the Gang Kittycat!

Welcome to the forums KittyCat! You will find that this is the first place to come when you need help.


I’m new as well and look forward to diving into the community here.


Welcome Iggy! This is a very friendly and helpful and inspirational (the list goes on and on…) place!! :slight_smile:

Welcome to KH!

I’m new here myself and enjoying it so far. Also a cat lover with only one old one left (used to have several but they all got old and died.) Now I have six aged sled dogs. Visited the British Isles many years ago and loved it.

:slight_smile: Hello