I'm new here and I desperately need help!

This is probably really stupid, and I get the feeling that it’s a result of some part of my brain missing.

I’m making the Twinkle Best Friend cardigan and don’t understand something- the part of the pattern in question is below- after I cast on and knit those first 5 rows, what do I do next? It says cont in established pattern, but I’m confused about what that is. I obviously don’t go back to Row 1 under the body headline, because that would be doing rib again, which I should be done with…

Right cable
Rows 1 and 3 (RS): P1, k6, p2.
Row 2 and all WS rows: K2, p6, k1.
Row 5: P1, C6R, p2.
Row 7: P1, k4, MB, k1, p2.
Row 8: K2, p6, k1.
Rep Rows 1-8.

Left cable
Rows 1 and 3 (RS): P2, k6, p1.
Row 2 and all WS rows: K1, p6, k2.
Row 5: P2, C6L, p1.
Row 7: P2, k1, MB, k4, p1.
Row 8: K1, p6, k2.
Rep Rows 1-8.

Click here to view a chart of the cable pattern.

Cast on 48 (52, 56) sts.
Row 1 (RS): K4, *k2, p2; rep from * to last 4 sts, k4.
Row 2: K4, work established k2, p2 rib across next 40 (44, 48) sts, k4.
Row 3 (buttonhole row): K2, yo, k2tog, rib to last 4 sts, k4.
Row 4: K4, work established rib over next 9 (10, 11) sts, pm, cont in rib across 22 (24, 26) sts, pm, cont in rib across next 9 (10, 11) sts, k4.
Row 5 (establish pattern and inc row): K4, work Right Cable across next 9 sts, p0 (1, 2), m1, p1, m1, purl to 1 st before marker, m1, p1, m1, p0 (1, 2), work Left Cable across next 9 sts, k4 – 52 (56, 60) sts.

Cont in established patterns, making buttonholes every 8 rows.

AT THE SAME TIME shape body as follows: Work even 6 rows. Next row (Dec Row): *Work to 2 sts before marker, p2tog, ssp; rep from * once, work to end.

Work even 9 rows, then repeat Inc Row – 52 (56, 60) sts. Work even until 3 full repeats of cable pattern are complete. Sweater measures approx 11-1/2" (29 cm) from beginning.

Can anyone help please? I don’t know a single other soul in real life that knits other than the yarn store, and they are closed!

Always include the pattern link if you have it. It helps if we can see it.

I appears you’re knitting from teh bottom up so it looks to me like you just start working the cables. Is that what you need to know?

I think it is confusing. I could hardly see the picture in the link but I went to Ravelry and had a closer look.

It does sound like it says that you continue as established, and all the preceding rows have ribbing, but it is clear from the pictures I saw on Rav, that you don’t continue to knit ribbing. It’s reverse stockinette everywhere but the cables. So, after you do row five, switch to reverse stockinette except for doing the cables. That should work.

By the way, several people on Ravelry commented that the instructions for this sweater were not (how can I put this nicely?) well written.

It means that as you do each row of the body, you do the next row of the cable patterns, as you’ve already established them – so on Row 6 of the Body, you’re doing Row 2 of the cable pattern, on Row 7 of the Body, you do Row 3 of the cable pattern, and so on.

Basically, there’s the pattern for the Body, and the pattern for the cables, and they’re two different things that are happening at the same time.

I know it seems complicated when they write patterns out like this, but it actually saves a lot of time, space, and confusing writing! Honest, it’ll become second nature eventually and you’ll wonder why you thought it was confusing at first! :slight_smile:

ETA: I agree it’s a confusingly written pattern, tho. I agree with Marria about the stockinette stitch, at least on first glance!

You know, I see it now that it does give the reverse stockinette stitch. But I had to read it a few times.

There is errata for this pattern here:


I think that it’d have been more clear if they’d marked Row 5 as “(establish reverse stockinette pattern…” etc. rather than just “establish pattern”, for sure…and I find myself wondering where exactly they want you to start the buttonholes – the eighth row AFTER Row 5, or Row 8 of the Body?

Oh thank you so much. That makes a lot more sense!

Also, I am having trouble with the buttonholes as well- I think I put them in Row 3 and then every 8 rows. Is that right? Also, regarding the buttonholes, do I just make them myself, or is that what the YO, K2TOG in row 3 is doing?
I’m sorry! This is the first sweater I’ve ever made!

Row 3 (buttonhole row): K2, yo, k2tog, rib to last 4 sts, k4.

Yes, the YO, K2tog is for the buttonhole. On bulky sweaters, a YO K2tog makes a hole big enough to make a buttonhole.

And yes, you would do the first one on row three and then every eight rows after that, so on row 11, row 19, etc.