I'm new at knitting, please help me!


I am very new at knitting, I have started with a beanie hat but I am having problems with the abbreviations.

Could any one explain the following please: k9,k2tog,rep from to last st k1 (33st)

Am I supposed to knit 9 of 2 stitches knitted together then turn and repeat?

Very confusing!
I hope that someone can help!!:)))

your pattern is asking you to knit 9 stitches, then knit 2 together then repeat the same thing knit 9 then knit 2 togther until you reach the last stitch then knit 1 hope this makes sense

Knit 9 sts, knit the next 2 together, k9, k2tog, k9 k2tog, all the way to the end of the row where you end up with k1.


Ah ok, the penny has dropped!! So the (33st) this just means the total number of stitches then?

Thanks for you help

…and one more thing, what does work one row mean?


‘Work’ means to knit or purl in whatever pattern stitch you have been using. Usually the patterns say ‘work even’, meaning without increases or decreases. For beanies like the one you’re doing, the increase rows are usually alternated with a plain row of knitting.