I'm melting~

I’m melting…it’s 101, feels like 104 and I have NO a/c!

So it would be really mean of me to tell you it’s been in the low 80s with a breeze here in Indiana? :shifty:

:pout: 96 here. But no A/C? :shock: That stinks!

Yeah that does stink! I couldn’t function without AC :rofl:

oh hon! i feel your pain. i’m in the deep south. we had over a week where the temp went over 100` – um, can you say sucked?

i hope your weather breaks soon.

It’s 67 here! I had to take a hot shower to help me warm up!

No A/C? How do you survive? :passedout:

I feel for you. I was out on the soccer field most of the day. We’re in Atlanta. It was a bit warm…

It’s down to 99 now. :woohoo: :roll:

We actually considered getting a/c a few years ago and because we have such a small yard the city said we couldn’t put the a/c unit in the backyard or side yard…only out front. :noway:

I’ve seen these Mr. Slim a/c units advertised on TV and am going to have a serious look at them.

I feel your pain. We just moved here to San Diego and we have no AC either. Yuck. It’s not quite as hot as where you are though. Pretty close though (92).

I have never lived in a house (or apartment) that did not have central air conditioning. I think I have been spoiled!

I’m in Carlsbad , CA , I have my a/c on, my husband called to ask me to look into a room airconditioner for his 92 year old mother, Lowes is SOLD OUT (Just this AM) … I know if you take a cold shower it really cool you down (I’m originally from Fla so I know!!) Does anyone have experience with one of those room air conditioners?

They are great! My cousin’s house doesn’t have central air and they have room a/c in the family room. It really keeps that part of the house comfortable. I think the one of the most important things when buying one is making sure you get one that is powerful enough for the room/ rooms you want to cool.

thx holly I just called Home Depot, they also have SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE IN THE COUNTY!! I know we are on a power alert… I am going to turn my a/c off for now
I had some ice cream and it really cooled me down!

Pat, you might try the other home stores like Lowes, Osh, etc.

I thought about a room a/c a while back, but I’d really rather have something built in that doesn’t take up floor space. Oh and I refuse to have a window a/c because we have sliders and you’d have to put something on the top half that wouldn’t close and I’ve not been impressed with plywood as a window covering. :teehee: Besides I like I to be able to open the windows when the weather is nice which is most of the time here. :wink:

thx Jan, but I checked Lowes first they sold out this AM also…I’m sure by the time I get one things will cool down around here, right?

Oh I feel for you. We just got our A/C fixed…it’s been 104 and up this week in N. CA. UGH. cold showers definitely work!

It was pretty warm here today, but I’m not sure how hot. In Orgeon September can still be a nice summer time. I have central air- we put it in when our furnace was replace almost 2 years ago. I love it. Before that we just had a window unit in our bedroom which made it possible to sleep in hot weather. But the central AC really gets the humidity out of the house.

It’s down to about 88 now which feels really good and almost cool! :cheering:

I guess you can get one for the next heat wave after it cools down, Pat. :wink:

where are you?? I’ll be over…:waving: