I'm looking for some needles

Hey everyone :slight_smile: Hope your week is going great so far.

My question is: I’m trying to find some circular needles for a project (I’m trying to plan it as a surprise for someone ^_^), but I can’t seem to find what I need! Here’s what the pattern calls for
"circular needle US size 9 (5.5 mm), 29"/73.5 cm long"
From what I can see, it doesn’t seem like too many places sell that size in that length. Does anyone know of a place that sells quality ones?

Thanks so much for all your help, in advance, and have a great weekend!

Most of the Boye and Bates needles come in that length, I like them fine even though they’re not expensive. I don’t see any reason you can’t use a 32" needle, especially to start with 281 sts.

Great, thanks! I’ll have a look :slight_smile: