Im looking for a really easy pattern..?

I just started knitting and I really only know how to knit garter stitch and I semi- know how to purl. I really want to make something cool that I can wear, like a hat or a scarf or something like that. Maybe even a blanket. But I do have some complications. I’m allergic to wool and I only own straight size US 10 needles. I tried to get my dad to let me buy more needles, but money is tight right now and he said I would have to wait awhile. I would really appreciate it if somebody could give me some really easy patterns to try.


You could make a really nice garter stitch scarf, and you don’t even need a pattern for that. Just cast on as many stitches as you want it wide, and you can also make it as long as you like, follow your imagination!!..something like 40-45 sts…the best way to find out is to knit a few rows, if you think it is too wide/narrow frog it, and add or remove sts.

However, I would persevere with learning to purl, once you know how to purl, your possibilities are almost endless and there are a lot of free patterns out there.

There are also a lot of different variations of yarn out there for people that are allergic to wool, the best is to go to your LYS and have a look at the label to see what they contain.

I have a really nice pattern for a feather and lace scarf that uses size 10US (I think that translates it 6mm…is this right anyone??), and it only uses 1 skein of yarn ( of your choice that does not contain wool). This was one of my 1st projects, it was great as it taught me many many things, it was easy and the result is beautiful, however it does use a purl stitch ( used at the time a kidsilk yarn which is 70% mohair and 30% silk, but as I said you can use any yarn that takes your fancy).

This is the pattern:
Using 6mm needles, cast on 38 stitches loosely

Work as follow:
Row1: (RS) knit
Row2: Purl
Row3: K1, *(K2tog) 3times
(YO, K1) 6 times
(K2tog) 3 times
repeat from * to last stitch
Row4: Knit

To remember, Try KPPK - knit, purl, pattern, knit. I found it very useful to use a post-it which I moved up and down the pattern as I knitted it to remember where I was.

Repeat Row 1-4 until yarn runs out
Cast off loosely. Block lightly.
If you want to see the result…go to Forum » » What’cha Knittin’? » TV knitting.

At the end of row 3, there should be another k1 to make the st count come out right. There’s also hat patterns you can knit flat on size 10s (yess that’s the same as 6mm). If you search KHboard you’ll find some links, or someone may be along later to post some

You are right suzeeq… there is definately a K1 at the end of row 3…forgot to type that one out! :wink: well spotted. Thanks

And if drummerboi doesn’t want a lacy pattern, this one can be used anyway. Instead of yo, k1 6 times, do m1, k1 or kfb 6 times instead.