I'm looking for a pretty specific pattern

I want to find a large cardigan, that is cabled, that has big wood buttons on it. II’ve searched all over for free patterns, but none work for me. Josephine at knitty comes close, but seems too much. So now I am going to rely on the brain trust here, becuase I know you guys have been to every pattern site and would know where I can buy this pattern.

If you have been in Target they have a Mossimo sweater that is worsted with big wood buttons…I am thinking like that except with cables and not 2 rows of buttons.


How about this? It’s a men’s cardigan, but if you switch the buttons to the other side, who would know?

Patons has a booklet, Aran Knits for the Family, and Leisure Arts has an Irresistible Aran soft-cover book. They both have wood-button cardigans in them that are pretty nice. Actually, they each have two–one short and one longer. Aran Knits has pockets on the long one.

Thanks JGM, it’s just not the style I am looking for.

I think that my local Michael’s may have that pattern book. I will check on it.

I want this style http://www.magknits.com/Aug05/sesame.htm , but with cables. (and I would skip the striping. I’m just finishing a leftover vest and I am all striped out.) Do you think there is a way I can add some cables and use Lamb’s Pride worsted with Sesame?

The patterns in the books are very cable-y and textured–typical aran sweaters. Beautiful. I tried to find a picture of the cardigans, but only could find the covers.

[color=blue]Morning! What about this one? http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/kfw-aransweater.html
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I’ve been working on THIS and I love the cables. What if you did the one on mag knits but added a cable pattern you like?