I'm looking for a glove tutorial

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]Does anyone know of a glove tutorial? I’ve tried google and nothing. I’m not interested in fingerless mits and that seems to be all thats out there.

I have a pattern for fingerless gloves with actual fingers. Thats where I need guidelines. The pattern assumes you understand how to do fingers and doesn’t give play-by-play instructions.


I don’t know of a tutorial and glove patterns are not too prevalent.
I made these gloves just a couple of months ago and am very pleased with the results. The color of the yarn is not even close. I used KP’s Elegance. It’s a dk weight and is a baby alpaca silk blend. I love them!

This one has good instructions for all kinds of gloves.

Going to suggest something though here… I will never make fingers like I see in most gloves ever again. The way she increases after the thumb and does the fingers is awesome! You can combine this technique with the info in the other pattern.
Click the “Urban Necessity” link on this page.

Thanks Jan and Plantgoddess! those are all great links and will be very helpfull!:muah: