I'm knitting deprived!

Knitting is my FAVORITE thing to do. I would rather knit than do just about ANYTHING [SIZE=1](well almost anything). [/SIZE][SIZE=2]My kids are grown and although I do work about 50 hours a week I still find time to knit. [/SIZE]

I volunteer as an EMT for my local squad. We cover specific shifts and stay at the Fire Station during our shift. My shift is Friday afternoon to Sat morning and every 4th weekend. It is a GREAT opportunity to do nothing (when there aren’t ambulance calls) but sit and knit.

Well, three weeks ago I went back to school part time(in addition to working and EMTing). I am taking 8 credits in order to advance to the next level of EMT. My class requires 8 hours of class time and 150 hours (for the semester) of clinical time.

So, it seems like all I do these days is work, study and do clinical, even my off time on ambulance shifts are being spent studying, it’s making me tired and CRANKY:zombie:. I hardly ever get to knit.

Yesterday I was sooooooo desperate I became the QUEEN of multi tasking… I was using the treadmill, studying AND KNITTING all at the same time. HOW CRAZY IS THAT!!!


I’m amazed you could do all of that!

Knowing me, I’d be walking on my text book and memorizing something like “K1, P2, CFB4, P2, K1.”

Hopefully some peaceful knitting time comes up soon!