I'm knitting a plastic tote

out of plastic grocery bags! It’s crazy/fun!

My DH thinks it’s crazy cuz I’m using 32 bags to knit one bag! LOL

Anybody else ever knit these?

want to see the view from where I’m working on it?
my beaverpond porch view:(pretty nice in summer, notsogood in snowy, freezy winters)

What better way to make a bag then use bags? Can’t wait to see it finished!!!


I’ve seen this bag demonstrated maybe on an old Knitty Gritty? You’ve got wonderful colors going and it looks like lots of fun plus great recycling.
The view from your porch is so distracting I wonder how you can knit at all. Yes, fun to see this finished bag.

i’ve just stitched 5 squares and this blanket looks like a 2 year old sewed it up. And whats even more annoying is that i weaved in the ends so i can’t fix it! Graaaah!!! Even more annoying when i feel l need more squares and the 36 squares i’ve knitted won’t be enough! a pox on seaming oooh da lally golly what a day…

Yes, I’ve seen this before. A lady in a waiting room (my husband and hers were having day surgery) was knitting a big floor bowl using plastic bags that she cut into strips then tied them together end-to-end-to-end…rolled up a huge ball…and off she goes! The resulting bowl was quite sturdy. She had one already done at home, and it sits on the floor and holds magazines. It was a wider, shallower bowl.

So cool!

I am at the putting-it-together stage and a bit sad at how the back turned out bigger than the front. I’m crocheting around the edges to make it look more…well, sturdy. It’s kind of holey, with many ends hanging out everywhere (part of its style, I guess, lol).
Here it is, ready for putting together.

Will post a pic when done. Supposed to be cleaning house today, but the bag is sitting there on the floor, next to my favorite knitting chair, looking sad and lonely…

I would love your view in every season! :inlove: Do you get a lot of requests for visitors?!

I’ve seen patterns for those bags. They are very cool! I’ve thought about knitting a bag to keep bags in…a bag for bags!

My kind of thinking. Unfortunately I do have bags of bags. I use the plastic shopping bags for my kitchen trash, corralling things I mean to give to someone, donating things to thrift stores, and storing plastic bags for future use. I’m a hopeless bag lady I think. :eyes:

I’ve started balls of plarn and tried crocheting it but wasn’t happy with the result. I’ve yet to try knitting with it. Woodi, your cool bag may just be what I need to get me to unbag some bags and put them to use. Thanks! Which method for cutting and attaching the strips together did you use?

Cool bag, and what a beautiful view!

I took it to town shopping yesterday…needed to show it off, try it out. Works great, feels solid, holds much.
Here it is, hanging next to my purse in our vestibule.

and here is the other side, different colors, looks like a different bag.

and laying down on a chair:

I crocheted all sides together.

I like the feel of this bag - sturdy, chunky, old-fashioned, strange and wonderful.

GG: I forgot to answer your question about 'how did I cut the strips?"

using scissors, but I find it made the edges of strips very jagged. My cousin in CA, with whom I correspond every day, did one, and sliced each strip by sliding the scissors along, rather than snipping. Her bag looks smoother than mine.

but I still like mine.:slight_smile: