I'm kinda new at this and need a little help

I’m trying to make potholders ((I tried 20x20 but decided to go with 40x40)) for family members for Christmas. But they keep turning out rectangular. Does anyone have any clue what I’m doing wrong or any tips on how to fix it?!?

With knitting most stitch patterns are wider than they are tall, so you will need to do as many rows as it takes to make a square, which will be more rows than stitches.

So what you need to do is cast on enough stitches to measure the width and then just stop knitting when it’s a square.

As you’re knitting, when it starts looking like it’s getting close to square, fold one corner diagonally across to the opposite corner, when you can do this and form a pefect right triangle you know it’s square and it’s time to cast off.

Garter stitch will come closer to rows equaling stitches in measure than any other stitch.

Can you increase and decrease? If so, diagonal knitting will take care of pesky gauge issues.

Cast on 3 stitches. Increase in the first stitch every row, knitting every row, until potholder is width desired. At that point, begin to decrease on the first stitch every row until you have three stitches, then bind off.

Simpler than falling off a log!

You can make baby blankets using this method too, they are just bigger.

Important note: if using the yarn over increase method, you will have interesting holes where you increase, and they won’t be on the decrease side. A better increase would be knitting into the front and back of the stitch.

And if you can’t increase and decrease but now want to learn, Amy has AWESOME videos of different types. Thank you, Amy!


You can use a YO on the decrease side to match the increases, you just have to do 2 decreases to make up for it.

Here’s an easy pattern if you choose to do it diagonally. It really would be easiest. This is actually the first dishcloth I ever made!