I'm keeping my hubby

I woke up this afternoon to find that he made me this. It’s simple but it works, is adjustable AND collapsable.

:cheering: Hooray for Twig’s DH!!!

Can he show MY DH how to do that? :mrgreen:

WOW! What a guy! :thumbsup:
He definitely is a keeper, but are you a loaner-outer so the rest of us can have one too???
Well, I just have to show this to my dh, any copyright on his creation? :wink:

you can have my dh… but he doesn’t do stuff like that for me… and its not a loan… more like a grant… meaning you don’t have to give him back!

but that is special and you’re lucky to have such a giving husband ~sniff sniff~ i’m jelsous :crying:

aww how sweet!!! Don’t ya love it when they surprise ya!! Mine isn’t very crafty handy (as he says I work on computers I’m a computer geek) but he is a sweetie and is always surprising me with little somethings so sweeettt he did that for you!!

THAT is AWESOME!!! :cheering:

What a great idea! I could have saved much $ by having mine do it, but I’d still be waiting for it to be finished. He would have bought the wood and some new drill bits, but it would all be sitting in the basement!

Kool, there’s hope for your hubby. Mine’s a computer geek, too.

I was actually pretty surprised to find this waiting for me. We’d talked about them at supper and there was one of those “umbrella” type ones at AC Moore and that was beyond his capabilities without plans. So I knew that we’d have to buy one, but my “fun money” stash was all gone for the month.

Turns out before I woke up yesterday he went searching the web for pictures and/or plans to make one and he found a picture of this type.

I’ll never whine about his wood stash again. (OK, I probably will but not for a few weeks heheheh)

I have been known to auction him off in a chat room I hang out with. Once the winning bid was $35 and 10 lbs of boiled peanuts. I sometimes kick myself for not accepting that bid. laugh

koolbreeze :roflhard: :roflhard:

:shock: WOW! That’s great!!! Very cool, simple design, love it! Did you say the plans are online? Love to see the link!

My DH will do almost anything for me, but he’s allergic to the sawdust so I can’t get him to do too much in the woodshop. I’ve got an old spinning wheel I’m fixing up, and I’m trying to get him to make a new foot pedal for me, and so far no luck. Might have to do it myself this time! If I do it myself, it won’t be pretty, because I have little patience for woodworking. LOL

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Lesley…How very, very AWESOME (80’S word, right; well, it works here…lol)! Yep, you have a keeper :wink: .
My sweet, darling, wonderful husband surprises me with things ALL of the time! Isn’t just great to have a DH that loves you so much that he enjoys surprising you with things that you enjoy so much!! That is just too cool!!
WTG, Lesley’s DH :thumbsup: !!


No, he was looking for plans, but didn’t find any. He just did it from a picture. I should pull it apart and make some.

My hubby is lucky not to be allergic to sawdust. He makes sawdust better than anyone I know. heheheh.

ok everybody can stop bragging about how wonderful their husbands are… i don’t care! :verysad: i bet if my MIL asked he’d fallon his face trying to get over there and do it for her.

Ingrid~ my hubby would say he’ll buy it and nerver do it so yours is stillbetter than mine!

Twiggy~ no theres not… i’m the 3rd wife. hes all out of surprises and hey baby look what i made for you. if he was ever like that! :frowning:

oh koolbreeze, I thought you were joking in the earlier post.

hope I didn’t offend. :blush:

Yes! It is nice How sweet of him :inlove: Although somehow the concept of flowers for no reason seems to toaly escape mine :rollseyes: but how can I be mad when he does stuff like getting me a CD that I mentioned in passing or concert tickets to a band I love! Plus he does dishes! I’ll keep mine too!

umm what is it?


it is a yarn winder. i have been trying to imagine how it works though…i think we need to see it in action!!.. :thinking:

Actually, it’s a SWIFT…more a yarn UNwinder! You use it to hold hanks of yarn so they dont get tangled as you wind your balls. The top part spins around, feeding the yarn to you.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaah…well never mind then…seeee what happens when you get too use to winding by hand?..lol

actually what happens is you get really good at untying tangles but that is neither here nor there… :rofling: