I'm just learning!

Hello everyone! I’m very new to knitting. I know how to knit and purl in a scarf, but my question is… (and this may be obvious and i’m just not seeing it) …how do i knit something wider? I want to knit a baby blanket, i’ll need it in a few months. are there super long needles or something? and where can i get what i need? :doh:

thanks for any help.

Yes, to knit a blanket you need to use a long circular needle. Except you won’t be knitting in the round, you’ll use it just like you use your straight needles, turning when you get to the end of a row. :smiley:

thanks so much! i suspected it was something like that, but i could only find really short circular needles. i guess i may need to order these over the internet. thanks again. i really appreciate it!! :muah:

For a baby blanket about 36"square you wouldn’t really long ones. Most stores readily stock them in 29/30 inches or 36 inches. I bought some which say 36" and are really 40". Wow, are they long!!