I'm in!

I’m in Ravelry!!! :muah::woohoo::woot: My username is Booski. I just had to share with someone (or a lot of someones) who cared - DH just doesn’t quite get it, LOL.:rofl:

[B][COLOR=black]OK I’m all done now. :happydance:[/COLOR][/B]

Yay for you! I hope you get to be home this weekend so you can play on it.

Congrats! I’m still waiting, but I’m getting excited for everyone who is getting in everyday.

Yay!:muah:Good for you! The more you play the more you will find! I just discovered that you can search for patterns by the weight of yarn you have, which is SOOOO helpful for me.
Be sure to add your ravelry name to your sig here, it helps us find our KH friends over there!

:woot::woot:Congrats, I’m still about 12,000 out, but hopeful that someday—

:happydance: :woot::woohoo::woot::happydance:

Please forgive me because I’m new, but what is Ravelry?

No problem, ladyjessica! Ravelry is an online resource for tracking your stash, needles, projects, etc. It’s like a huge database, so you can search for a yarn and see what projects others have used it for and their opinions.

It’s been beta tested for the last few months, so to keep the traffic tolerable while they’re getting the bugs out they’ve been sending invites a few hundred at a time. Hence the hype and anticipation.

I signed up late, so I’m still waiting patiently. But search the threads here for reports from those who have the scoop. The reviews have been really positive. I think the greatest test will be to see if people continue to update their stash, etc. to the site over time (after the hype wears off). That’s the key to the site’s success.

You can see the site and take a tour here…http://www.ravelry.com/account/login