I'm In trouble

Bloomington In. has a new yarn shop :cheering: . It’s called ‘Yarn In A Basket’ It is wonderful. They are very nice people. They have wonderful yarns & lots of it too. I’ll probably have to re-mortg. the home :roflhard: OMG! I’m in trouble.

First you have to finish the socks!!! Then you can go buy more yarn. (Does that help at all?)


I wish a LYS would open up in my town.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: I’m working on them! I got a chuckle out of your reply though. How’s your socks coming along?
I’ll be sure to post you a pic when I get the both of them finished. :wink:

Me too! That is in my town…

I would think with you being a trucker and all, You would have access to all kinds of yarn shops :wink:

I thought you saw what I did… I frogged the first finished sock (after I took a picture and posted it) in order to send the person who swapped yarn with me the whole four skeins. I was not thrilled with the colour and I got laddering that showed once the sock was on my foot, so I just frogged it and sent it on to Lieke.

She is swapping me for some wonderful sock yarn. She can’t get Fixation where she is, so she is happy. I wanted red sock yarn, so I am happy. It’s a win win situation!

When I get the new yarn, I will continue our “contest” but I think you will probably win now. Oh well, we can start again once I get my new sock yarn in the mail.

Did you know about it? It’s on the south side. In the Marsh shoping center.

Ok, It’s a deal. As you well know I have plenty to work from:roflhard: I did know you froged it but for some reason, I thought you were going to start it over.

Nope, I am waiting for the Summer Dream Sockina to come to me, then I will knit MY socks. I can’t seem to find any nice red sock yarn in Canada. Oh well, I have other stuff on the burner for now, but I would much rather be knitting socks!!!

No! LOL I can not seem to communicate well today! I meant to say that I also wish for one in my hometown…

[B] OIC,[/B] My mistake :thumbsup: I wish you had one of these yarn shops too :wink:

Thanks, then I could be in “trouble” with you! :teehee: