Im in the middle of making my first hat and I need help

I Love this board because I have no one else to ask these things :heart:

ok here is the decrease in the pattern:

First decrease round (in Garter Rib, this should be done on Rnd 1): (K2 P2tog) around. (end K1 when working flat)
Work 5 rounds of pattern as established.
Decrease round: (K2tog, p1) around. (ending K1 when working flat)
Work 3 rounds in pattern as established.
Decrease round: (K2tog, P2tog) around. (ending K1 working flat)
Work 1 round as established.
Decrease round: K2tog around.
Break off yarn and run it twice through the remaining stitches, pulling the hole tightly closed. Seam up side if working flat.

Ok my question is what does work one round as established mean? (im sure this is the silliest question ever) Does it mean to work in the pattern given in the line right above it or the origional k2,P2 for the ribbing pattern?


You will do whatever pattern you were doing BEFORE you started your decrease rnd. So if it was K2P2 all along, that’s what you will do when it says “pattern as established”. Only do the decrease round when it specifies that.

Since you’re working your decreases, and you’ve changed the ribbing, then continue as it is after you decreased, so knit the knits and purl the purls. It looks like after the first decrease round you’ll be doing k2, p1. Does that sound as if it will look right? That’s the final test, after all.

Well, here we have two opposites! Now what? :thinking:

My first post was going to say continue as you had been, but because the second decrease says to k2tog, p1, then you should have been working with k2, p1 up to that point. Is this making sense, or am I all off?

Yep Ingrid, you have a good point. I was thinking a la Marnie’s Pismo Hat which has paired decreases at each placed marker, and the decreases are such that on the ‘in between’ rnds (ie. the NON decrease rounds) you just continue with the same ribbing pattern you have done all along.

Now I’m confused too. :thinking:

I think the difference is that Marnie’s hat is k1, p1 and this hat is k2 p2. Hopefully, it will be obvious what to do after the decrease–generally, seeing it is the best way to know what to do.

Wow, Im glad Im not the only one who doesn’t know :roflhard: I’ll let you know how it turns out, Unfortunately I had to frog and start over because my son had a field day with his poor little unfinished hat sigh This is just the thing I need to remind me to not leave any projects out.

Awwwww, that’s too bad. I’m sorry you have to start over again.