I'm in NC

Hello all, I am in State Road NC. Just north of Elkin. I’ve only been knitting for about a year, self taught, with a little help from this web site the ladies in a yarn store in Elkin. A Circle of Yarn is the store. Very nice and helpful. They laughed when I birthed my first hat. I started knitting funfur scarfs and wanted to make hats to match. so I did. More recently I’ve made several baby hats but am having a hard time grasping the concept of gaging stitches. With the baby hats I just went by sight on the size. I’m pretty close but would like to learn how to properly gague.

Anyway, I am about an hour north of Charlotte and would love to go on the YS crawl. Mostly for the chance to meet other knitters and learn some more tricks of the trade.

Shandeh, I know its been a while since your post that you were sick. I hope you are better now. :hug:

Bringing up an old post… I live in Mount Airy, but work in Elkin! I also have some stuff at Circle of Friends for sale. Its neat to see people on here so close! :slight_smile: