I'm in love!

I have done one side border and one end border of my baby blanket and I’m in love with the moss stitch!! Now, I’ve done moss stitch (aka seed stitch) before but with a very chunky wool on 9mm needles.

This moss stitch…it’s DK yarn knitted on 3.25mm needles and boy is it looking really beautiful!

The picot cast off really finishes it off as well, it’s takes a lot of time but is it ever worth it!

So I can see myself doing more moss stitch patterns in future, it’s just such a beautiful stitch!

Hey - you’re sluffing - no picture of the moss stitch on your blog! lol


Don’t worry, it’ll happen!

I have the blanket here at work as I’ve been knitting over lunch. The girls are all gaga over it! So that’s a relief!

The satisfaction of seeing something take shape and look good. Ahhh that’s why I knit!

I’d hate to see the baby upchuck on it!! Lol.

I’m working on my vest - when I did the back, it was just stockinette. It looked pretty darn big (for my hus). So when I started the front - cables - it was a whole lot more stitches - almost a third more, I thought it was going to be GIGANTIC. But the thing is, the cables, etc., are almost like ribbing or something because it now looks SMALLER than the back. It’s very stretchy and all. I keep getting nervous - pulling out other vests he wears, laying the pieces on it, etc.

Another mess up - I should have done all shaping (I’ve recently learned from a site) two stitches in from edge so I have a clean area to pick up stitches for ribbing edge. Oh, well. It’s navy, so hopefully the raggedy joining won’t look too awful?? Why is it they don’t put such information in the pattern itself??


Hiya Jouf, you’ll be happy to know I posted pics on my blog of the baby blanket. I think it’s safe as it is a pram blanket. Hopefully it lasts!

The vest should fit beautifully when its finished, can’t wait to see a pic! I learned that cables to stretch and pull at the fabric which is why cables are usually paired with ribbing. That’s from Montse Stanley! As for my own knitting I have a cardigan in progress that looks very odd while in pieces but will sew up nicely and hopefully look the biz!

I do wish patterns would give you the best cast on, and best edge stitch to use. But it’s just guesswork so I make do! I have a few rules I follow for cast ons and will be paying closer attention to edges in future.

Egeria - that’s gorgeous! Happy to hear it goes in the pram. Also, your needles look so cool. They look like they would feel good. My mom always laughs at me because that’s my saying when I buy ceramic bowls or coated iron skillets - they feel good (as compared to her plastic tupperware and grocery store skillets!)

Now on a sad note - finished the vest (except for ribbing border), and yes, it is too snug for husband. He could wear it, but he really likes things looser. It’s my fault. I made the medium. Should have made the large. (Geez, I’m gonna have a time following DI Mark’s instructions) I worked diligently for two weeks on this. So guess it’s another two weeks of work I’m looking at. Well, I learned a lot and will be able to do the next even better.

But on a good note - I guess if I was so inclined, I could wear it. Don’t know any other men who (a) would fit in it or (b) would wear a vest!

Guess I better go buy my 2’s for Sock BC and TRY to follow instructions! lol

Gotta look up that Stanley person.


What a gorgeous baby blanket! Love it! Yes, the border definitely makes it. Love the picot edge. It’s not a free pattern is it?
Thanks for sharing!

Amy I’m glad you like it! The pattern is from a book so I can’t share it. But I can tell it was ‘Patons Fairytale Cheeky Cherubs’.

There is a little cardigan in the book that I just adore so I may be knitting that next. I don’t normally knit for babies until they are born so I’m not saying it’s for anyone in particular (and certainly not for me so don’t even ask!!).

Anyway, I have far too many projects on the go so the sweater will have to wait a while.

I do love knitting baby things!

Jouf well you live and learn! I have made the same mistake so don’t fret too much about it. Just consider it a good excuse to knit more! (and buy more!)

My needles are great, they are bamboo made by a company called INOX. They are so comfortable and hold the yarn just right. I don’t like really slippy needles so the bamboo is perfect for me. The needles in the picture are size 3.25mm (size 3). I’m hoping that when I check out this other wool shop they will have a bigger selection of sizes as I need 6mm and up.

But I can’t go until next week…pay day is Monday!

Hi Egeria, oh my that blanket is beyond gorgeous!!! Love that picot edging too!
I just finished a lace scarf that used a seed stitch border, it does make for a lovely border.

Thanks Peg! Do you have a pic of your lace scarf? I really enjoyed the lace-ish pattern for my blanket and can see myself doing more in future!

I learned the picot from Montse Stanley’s book and I’m glad I did as I think it is so elegant!

I have a patten in a book for a baby cardigan with a picot neckline. It’s gorgeous so it is going on my ‘will do sometime in my life’ list.

Gosh, so much to knit, so little time!

Egeria, I posted a pic of my scarf in progress in the patterns central forum.
The finished scarf is not super long as I only had two balls of the alpaca brush…but long enough for me as I’m one of the vertically challenged. :wink:
It’s not super lacey by any stretch but pretty all the same.

My first experience with lace knitting came about from my best friend suggesting a lace scarf pattern for our knitalong. Now, bear in mind I’d never followed a pattern for anything, much less lace! Once I got the hang of frogging back to a mistake :roll: things moved along fairly smoothly and the finished scarf was lovely.
You can find the pattern at this site. http://www.ozyarn.com/ Look under free patterns and it’s the Alpaca Lace Scarf. I’m including a pic of it finished…the ‘head’ was cropped to protect the innocent. :wink:

I must be hooked on lace knitting as I just cast-on for Lily Chin’s ‘Charlotte’s Easy Lace Shawl’ pattern, using a mohair yarn I bought last Fall.

And I do so agree…so much to knit, so little time!

Wow that is really beautiful! That’s exactly the sort of thing I’d love to do! I’ll have to search for some patterns like that. Or check out my bookstores!