I'm in 'Knitting' magazine!

I am so thrilled, my ‘Movie star dressing’ has been awarded a star letter from 'Knitting magazine. I got my copy today and there I am. I have won a Rowan membership for a year. I’ve already had the magazine and they have some fantastic autumn and winter patterns, which are my favorite to knit.

You can see the page and other photo’s on my blog.

I’ve never had anything printed before, I’m thrilled they liked my efforts.

That is fantastic! Congratulations! :cheering::cheering::cheering::cheering:

That’s so cool! :slight_smile:


[B]WTG: Nobones~![/B]


OMG- that’s fantastic!!! you TOTALLY deserved it for that gorgeous dressing gown. Congratulations!!!

WOW…not only is it cool you got published, but the dressing gown is FAB!

Wow! Way to go!

This is so cool :woot::woot::cheering:! I think you really deserve it after the work you’ve put into that gown!

Very impressive–the publication AND the gown!:inlove::cheering::cheering:

WOW! :woot:Congratulations (although I’ve never seen another project that deserves it so well!) :notworthy:

[SIZE=“3”][CENTER]:woot: :yay: CONGRATS!!! :yay: :woot:[/CENTER][/SIZE]

doesn’t it feel great to be recognized by the experts? i may just have to pick myself up a copy. your gown is absolutely gorgeous, and you couldn’t have knit it up in a better color! :teehee:

btw, i just checked out your husband’s dalek. wOw. :inlove: :inlove: it’s gorgeous, too! i bet your house is just full of gorgeous. :notworthy:
now we can all say we knew you when! :woohoo:

Congratulations! Both on finishing such a huge project and getting published. That is TOTALLY groovy. I don’t mean to speak for all of us out in the knitting world, but I will anyway, when I say, “We are very proud of you!”



Good for you, Nobones!

So cool! Congratulations!


:cheering:Yeah! :cheering:That’s Wonderful!:cheering:Congratulations!:cheering:

Just…WOW :cheering::cheering::cheering:
:notworthy::notworthy: OUTSTANDINGLING BEAUTIFUL!

That is just totally awesome!! I loved your dressing gown when you first posted the pics, and I’m not at all surprised you were chosen. What a wonderful talent you have!

Wow, that is so cool! You deserve it. :yay: