I'm in gauge denial

I’ve been working on the ballet camisole from MagKnits. I swatched several times (in the round) to try to get gauge (5.5 st/in), went down three needle sizes and still was only getting 5 st/in. Finally, I said “ENOUGH!” and just started knitting with size 3 needles, knowing that my gauge with those needles was still too large. I cast on for the smallest size to compensate for that; normally I would have made the next size up.

Of course, now that I’m nearly done with the waist decreases, it’s blindingly obvious that my gauge is off in the other direction. I’m getting 6 st/in. Grrrr.

I’ve put the stitches on waste yarn a couple of times, and it seems to fit okay, but maybe that’s just because the yarn is so stretchy? I don’t want to rip it all out, because, well, I’m lazy. And slow. My bigger fear, I guess, is that it will only be obviously ill-fitting much later.

Another complication is that the bust is supposed to have 2 inches of negative ease, but does that mean the rest of it should, also? I’m not even sure what measurements I should be aiming for here.

If I were to frog and start again, I still don’t know what size needles to use. I’m clearly not doing good in-the-round gauge swatches, so it would still be a guess.

I’m considering trying to do some version of switching to larger needles mid-project and adjusting the decreases, but even typing that makes me nervous…

I need to frog, don’t I? (Sigh. Please say no.)

I feel your pain! I’ve frogged a current project at least 10 times because of gauge issues. The pattern calls for size 8s and I’m now using 4s; the stitches are still too big but I’m tired of fighting with it. I’m knitting the smallest size, too. :pout: I’m sick of frogging.

Can you perhaps knit a size smaller than the one you’re currently knitting? If not, can you tweak the numbers a bit to make your present gauge work? (Do the math at your present gauge, and then make necessary adjustments for decreases, bind off stitches, etc.)

I hope you find a solution! :hug:

Well, I say no :slight_smile: Your thinking with knitting the smaller size was good…I often do the same kind of thing. What kind of yarn are you using? You migt be able to shape it quite well with a wet block to get the proper measurements.

Ack, I missed the part where you said you are knitting the smallest size :oops:

Thanks for the replies already and for telling me what I want to hear! I’m using Shine Sport, which is a cotton blend, so I’m guessing I can’t rely on blocking. Is that right? I do wonder if it’ll sag when finished, so maybe being too small is good? (I’m excellent at rationalizing, as you can tell.) I was trying to be very good with my initial swatches and even washed and dried them. They may have increased in size a little.

At the rate I’m knitting and my 5 1/2-year-old daughter is growing, perhaps I should just steam on through and figure that if it’s too small for me, she’ll grow into it soon enough.

Just had to say I love the phrase “gauge denial”!:roflhard:

Hi! :waving:

I didn’t have time to read all the posts…but just quickly wanted to say this from my experience:

Some yarn just won’t work for some projects.
No matter what you do…the gauge won’t work because the yarn is either too heavy or too thin.

I have just given up trying to make some yarns work sometimes.
It was not me, it was not the needles…it was the yarn type.

If I am repeating what someone else already offered…:blush:…oops.
I am sneaking in a few quick minutes before shutting down my laptop for a week’s wilderness vacation. Off the Grid, so to speak. No internet access.:eyes:

Thanks again for the feedback. I think I’ve solved my problem… by casting on for Picovoli. Since it’s top-down, I can try it on as I go, and if I like it, I won’t feel as awful frogging the ballet camisole.

All’s well!