I'm in a knitting slump

I can’t seem to get interested in knitting anything lately. I’ve looked thru some of my books but nothing calls me.

I did just finish a vintage, hanky baby quilt. I haven’t quilted in about six months…so I think the quilting bug has bite me instead!!:inlove:

The quilt is made of old hankes and I used machine embroidery designs for children. The border and back is an Aunt Grace 1930’s repro. fabric. It even looks better in person.


That is really pretty!!

That is really lovely!! Congrats!! :cheering:

I’m opposite of you right now. I’m in a quilting slump and only want to knit. I’m almost finished with a lovely pink/rosey quilt but can’t get motivated to quilt it! But I have like 5 projects on the needles right now. LOL

I’m in a knitting slump too. I felt the knitting need fire back up a couple of weeks ago and I got motivated but I lost it. I think it’s the heat here, it’s been consistently around 94-98. Maybe when we get a cool front I’ll pick up the pace. Right now I’m just “blah” about everything.

It is beautiful!
Are there no ends to your talents my friend?

I am sure you will think of something to make soon.

On the hanky quilt, are the designs emboidered on plain white handkercheifs and then sewn toegether?

I ask because my mother has quite a handkercheif collection. They are sort of old fashioned but my mom does use them; and then she has some she just keeps nice. Her sister quilts. Making a quilt of her hankies would be a fun way to keep them and use and see them.

Here is what I did. I used plain muslin fabric and cut it into rectangles. Then I did the machine embroidery on each rectangle. Then I auditioned which hankies would look good with each design. Then I pinned the hankies in place and cut them accordingly. Then I machine stitched each in place. Then I machine stitched each one together to make the quilt top.

I think embroidering on the hankies is a good idea except many of my hankies were very old and very thin. The muslin is a heavier weight fabric to withstand the embroidery and the stabilizer behind it.

I only used the hankies that I didn’t mind cutting up. I still have plenty left that I was not willing to use for this quilt.