I'm in a knitting slump

I confess, :oops: I haven’t touched a knitting needle in two weeks! I got back the “quilting bug” and have been busy with my fabrics and making some quilt tops. :wink:

We just put my new craft room together! :cheering: Yesterday we put the Toile wall paper up and today I arranged a few of my things in there. I have a small armoire that I have all of my yarns in. I do NOT have nearly as big a yarn stash as I do fabric!! I’ll need to work on that!! :happydance: :happydance:

I’m sure the knitting bug will hit me again. :XX: I finally got the two patterns I ordered from Knit Picks last week. I really want to knit the skirt for my 3 yr. old granddaughter and knit the bag for me! So when the mood hits I’ll be ready. :lol:

Don’t feel bad… I haven’t touched my quilting stuff in over 3 months!!! I’m knitting and playing World of Warcraft too much…

I’m sure I’ll catch the quilting bug again soon and you’ll catch the knitting bug! Hey maybe we need to swap bugs. LOL :roflhard:

:happydance: woohoo for the new craft room! Can you take pictures???

sigh … the only time I get to quilt is in the summer… during school I just can’t leave the stuff sit for weeks at a time, and since my “craft room” is so stuffed it’s more like “craft SOTRAGE room” than a room in which to actually DO the crafting. :help: My niece and nephew spent the night last night and I was digging around looking for a craft to do (we made foam door hangers), and I looked longingly at my fabric stash and sewing machine… Some day, my dearies, I will take you out again! I started a log cabin quit TWO summer ago, and I am determined to finish it this year. And I have triangles cut for a flying geese, and diamonds cut for tumbling blocks…

We need to have a QAL–quilt along :cheering:

I recieved some ADORABLE classic pooh fat-quarters for my birthday this year and last year I got some lovely purple/sage coordinating fabrics and a new quilting ruler (a hexagon :mrgreen: ). I have yet to use any of them! Just the other day I pulled off one of the little labels on the hexagon ruler and looked at it longingly just to stash it away again…

My problem is that quilting is so much harder than knitting to ‘take along’ and harder to do bits at a time. So when I have some free time I always turn to my knitting 'cause that’s what’s ready and waiting!

I need to catch the quilting bug! Could it be contagious?

Yep, that’s why I started knitting, too! Quilting takes up too much space.

Here’s a quilt I made last summer for a friend’s baby shower

That’s a cute quilt, Hildie!

Quilting is too much work for me. :lol:

Don’t feel too bad. I’ve been just as bad with my other hobbie and letting it go since I started knitting. I feel bad because I haven’t scrapped a single photo in almost a month, but I tend to get caught up in one craft then come back to a new one then go back to a different one again…

Ah, well… at least it keeps things interesting.

omg scrapbooking. I have all kind of that crap, and I just couldn’t get into it. I at least have to finish our wedding pictures sigh… I just need to retire, then I’ll have all kids of time.

I have a big armoire FULL of scrapbooking supplies. I have around 9 albums in the works and about 3 that are finished! But I haven’t :blush: worked on them in almost a year and a half. I planned to put my scrapbooking stuff in my new craft room but I changed my mind. I’ll just keep it all in the armoire and then when that bug “hits” at least I’ll know where everything is and I can just sit at the dining room table and do pictures.

I also enjoy needlepoint. Sounds like a few of us work on one craft then switch and then back again. Works for me!! :happydance:

i gotta quilt you can finish for me!!! i haven’t done much quilting since i started knitting last year! well that and i’ve been pregnant for what seems like 2 years and its hard for me to sit at the sewing machine… :oops:

Don’t worry, we all stop knitting from time to time to do something else! I love to sew, no quilts though as that really takes time and money(a lot of both). Actually learned to sew before I learned to knit and my fabric stash is still bigger than my yarn stash, but the yarn stash is slowly growing :rollseyes:
Reminds me I’ve got to get to the fabric store to buy thread. I’ve got an almost complete wrap dress, but ran out of thread.

Btw. a toile wallpaper :inlove: I LOVE toile fabric and everything printed with this kind of pattern. The craft room sure looks great!

Hildie, that quilt is adorable!

My quilting is on hold right now too. I have been thinking I will get everything out and ready and when I have a spare few minutes it will be easy to just sit down and get some sewing done.

Knitting is so much easier to just grab up and work on at any odd moment!

Scrapbooking for me is very ‘set up’ intensive so I end up not doing it unless I have tons of free time to set up, work on it and then get everything put away.


When I started knitting I left all other crafting in the past. Just haven’t given it a thought since then. :slight_smile:

Me too…I’m still on our honeymoon pictures after 3 years… :oops: I want to sell all my stamps and scrapbook stuff.

Gah! I just started quilting (darn you Rowan for making fabric too!). Now I juggle both knitting and piecing (I haven’t actually ‘quilted’ yet). I’m loving the fabric selection. Where I’m usually a one or two color knitter, I’m actually drawn to multi-color quilts and I’m starting to really like Kaffe Fassett now! I wouldn’t knit one of his patterns, but his quilts are beautiful.

Yep I’m juggling hobbies too at the moment. Mostly scrapbooking/reading and knitting. Though as someone said before much easier to just pick up knitting when you feel like it than to have to set up all your scrapping stuff.

Well yesterday I actually picked up my knitting again and I continued on an easy sweater that I am knitting for myself. It’s been along side my chair all the time but when I looked at it yesterday I thought “why not?” so picked it up and did a few rows.
:XX: :XX: