I'm having trouble determining wrong side & right side

I am doing a 4 inch 2 knit 2 purl throughout the whole rows for a ribbing but I’m having trouble determining which is Wrong Side and which is right side. They both look the same except where there is knitted rib on the opposite it’s the purl rib. Please help me.

Are you doing a specific pattern that the ribbing is in? Ribbing is reversible, so both the right and wrong sides can be the right side.

You decided which looks `better’ as a RS if it matters, or else just do the ribbing for the required length, then when you need to do something else, just pick the next row for doing that.

when i’m done with the ribbing i do 5 rows in garter stitch. so as long as i stay consistent it’s alright?

and the 5 rows end in the wrong side.

Annnnnd garter st is another that has no RS/WS… So do your ribbing, knit the next 5 rows and the next side can be your RS.

great thanks so much i really appreciate it

Look at the placement of your tail and/or your CO edge. Some CO edges are distinctive and on reversible st patts you can decide if you want that edge on the RS or WS.