I'm gonna go with it

I just bought a spindle kit on eBay that comes with 2oz of mauve roving, plus I ordered another 6 oz of lavender roving :happydance: Now I just hafta wait 3 days to pay for it :wall:

Oh, I just started too, and I LOVE IT!!! I’m waiting on more roving to come in.

I paid 10.99 for the roving itself, I guess that’s good, herf feedback is 99.9% so I’m happy with that. Here is the kit and the roving

Can you tell purple is my fav color? :smiley:

ETA: I’ll HAVE to think of a way to make this roving stretch out 2 weeks! I’m afraid to spend more this pay period, Mom & I are co-hosting a Pampered Chef show Saturday :happydance: I have to have money for that too! :roflhard: Oh and food :teehee:

Becca -
Congrats on the spindle. Hope it’s your thing. The roving in the kit is colonial and should spin good for a beginner. The other purple roving is merino. By all means, not saying you will have trouble with it…just some do. I know I did. My advice, draft the merino very thin and it likes a lot of twist.

Drafting thin makes the roving seem to last longer too.

Best of luck!! keep us posted.

I agree – merino can be tricky! I never had any issues with my drop spindle dropping (i.e. on the ground) until I spun merino. Most people steer beginners away from it…but then there are teachers who start beginners on merino, 'cause once you’ve mastered it, other wools seem really, really easy. :smiley: