I'm going to take these DPN's and

Poke my eyes out!!! :gah::wall::wall::wall::wall:

I’m making DH hat hat, finally got up the guts to try a no sew hat! I’m about to start the decreases, figured I better practice on these darn DPN’s while I had some time today.

That was at 11am this morning, and I’m no closer to getting DPN’s than before. I’ve tried watching videos here, but they will not load all the way. I’ve read every article known to man/women covering this topic and I just don’t get it!

I then said, screw it, I can’t do it! So I started trying to figure out how to do two circulars! Guess what? I can’t figure that out either and the video will not load!

I’m ready to pull out my hair and throw the DPN’s in the trash and scrap the hat and go back to yesterday, where there was peace and harmony in my world!

End vent!

Oh Kamie!!!

Don’t give up!! Once you get the dpn’s down, you will wonder why you didn’t use them sooner. Plus, when you are in public knitting with them, people will think you are really a hot shot knitter!!

Take a deep breath & try again !! If I could do it, I know you can !!!

Best of luck !!


Transfer your hat stitches to the dpns. It’s soooo much easier to learn them when there is already knitting established. Starting something with them can be hard, but knitting the top of a hat is the perfect way to start.

Just knit from one full needle to the empty one. The full one will be emptied and you use that on the next full needle.

You can do it!

Thanks both of you.

Ingrid, I’m counting on what you said being true. LOL! If it goes as bad as the learning stages went, I’m going to be blind with no hair!

Kamie -

You can do it… remember when you first started to knit and it was so hard, but after awhile you don’t even think about it. Just practice - you will get it eventually and you will feel so good that you learned how to use them.

:tap: what’s the secret to using them…hints?? :whoosh:

I have SO been there … but it does get better … I promise!!

The secret of using DPNS is not to think of them as using 5 (or 4) needles at the time, but just 2. Ignore the other ones when you are knitting. Only pay attention to the 2 needles you are using. And I agree with Ingrid, it’s much easier when there’s already some knitting done. Joining the round is quite hard as are the first few rounds, but after that, it’s just like knitting with 2 needles.

Casting on and the first row are definitely the most difficult part of dpns! It’ll get easier :happydance:

I feel your pain, Kamie. Last night I started using DPNs for the first time. I knitted the first row but then I quit because I don’t know how to join. Now that I’ve gotten some sleep I’m going to try to do the join. Wish me luck!

Ditto what Rachel said - plus, what I found I was doing if not paying attention, was not always starting with the yarn on the right - I sometimes would wrap and turn. You can always mark the needle to keep from getting confused.

Once you get the hang of it though, it’s great. I think it’s elegant in a way, and I try to wax poetic about it to anyone who will listen … unfortunately, the non-knitters in my life just say “That’s nice, hun…”:roll:

Good luck - Don’t give up!

If you are having trouble with the needles sliding out, it’s worth getting some wooden or bamboo ones until you are used to them. But Ingrid is right, just move those stitches evenly onto those needles and knit one at a time. The secret that I learned from EZ is to make sure the second stitch on each needle is really tight, I tug it a bit after it’s knit. It prevents laddering perfectly. You will get it, but it takes a wee bit of practice. It can be awkward with the top of a hat decreases, though, cause stuffs so close together. Keep on trying! The hat’s worth it! The hubby is worth it! We’re all rooting for you! Can’t wait to see the hat finished. Encouragingly, samm

Breathe breathe breathe. In and out. You can do it. One stitch, one needle at a time. I adore DPN’s, but I remember first wrangling them down to figure it out. Do you have a LYS that you can go to and look pathetic? LOL!! Seriously, though, if you have a LYS that you can go to, they are usually very helpful in showing you. I’m a very visual learner and see people at my LYS often who come in with yarn and needles and go, “HELP!!” There are always people there knitting who are willing to show them!

The joins are easy for me, I’m sure someone here knows a better way, but I simply transfer the last st. on the left needle and with the first st. on the right needle.

It’s all the hanging needles that drive me to drink! LOL.

We will figure it out I’m sure, I’m hoping finishing this hat will be the “magic” that makes me “love” DPNs!:woot:

I thought I quoted you last time. Anyway my last post was directed in your direction.

How did it go?

Lieke is right…in spite of the number of needles in your work, remember you are only knitting with two, just like always. Two things to mention: 1) be sure to slide the stitches on the non-working needles towards the center of the needle - you don’t want those pups falling off. 2) You might want to try moving the adjacent needes so one is over and one is under the needle you are knitting off of…it makes it easier to nudge them out of your way to make room for your hands and work the end stitches.

Hi Kamie
I started using DPN’s last year to knit socks and I had the same problem…I was trying to hold my pins like everyone else and it just didn’t feel right…I had a large loop at the beginning of every row it was a disaster…I then tried again with a knitting buddy and she said hold the pins so it was comfortable for me it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t look right and at the end of your round pull the yarn tight…It was like this for about 3 or 4 rounds then hey presto I was up and running…I have lnever looked back since and I use DPN’s all the time now. You have to be really patient and it will come I promise you. Good Luck!!

I LOVE dpns…except at the start of any project. After casting on, I lay the danged things in my lap and glare at 'em for a good 5 minutes! Then I slowly move the needles, yarn, etc. into the right position. Then oh so carefully, I join the first stitch.

Then I glare at 'em some more.

Then I pick them up and start knitting the first round. The first round takes me forever…needles flopping all over the place, stitches joyfully running for the ends of the needles where they can jump to who knows where, ‘colorful’ language flying out of my mouth.

Then I glare at 'em some more.

The second round is better…by the 10th round all is fine.

Bottom line: dpns are annoying at the beginning. You don’t have as much fabric available to stabilize the needles. Once you’ve gotten a few rounds down, though, they are easily manageable. Hang in there…and don’t forget to glare.

I am going to trust you all and give it another go with a circular needle and dpns. I want to learn to make circular hats with no seam but after the cast on and first 2 rows was feeling it was quicker and easier to stay with 2 knitting needles and a seam to sew. I hope I don’t poke my eyes out trying. :eyes:

Sandy in N.Z.

i’ve used the magic loop and 2-circs before, but i always go back to my dpns, i love the flow of the needles.

that said, one of the easiest ways to learn is to first knit on one circ and get some fabric going…then transfer these stitches to dpns…once you get the process of working in the round on dpns down, the cast on and initial rounds wont be nearly as fussy.

also…work with a set of 5 (4 with stitches, 1 working needle) when you first start…that tight triangle when working with 4 (3 with sts, 1 working needle) can confuse those new to using them.

google knitting with dpns – there are a lot of great tutorials done in pics not film.

to the gal who needs to learn the join – nothing special to it, just knit the first stitch and keep going around :slight_smile:

you’ll develop your own style for holding them and moving around.