I'm going to kill two cats!

Dan just walked into my office holding the pidge made with the lovely mohair yarn that our two male cats were playing tug of war with! I’TS RUINED! There are holes all through it. Great big nasty holes! It was supposed to be a present for my mother for Christmas to go along with the sheep I bought her through Heifer. I worked SO hard on this thing to make it as perfect as I could (since my mother is a perfecitonist and would pick out every single flaw in front of me - as a way of showing me how I could do it better). They have their own basket of yarn to play with. In fact there are 6 balls of WOTA in their basket at their disposal. Why do they feel it necessary to ruin my hard work?!?!?!??! :waah:

:hug:I don’t know what to say:hug:. That’s horrible!

Oh, Michelle, I’m so sorry!

Of course now my problem is that I need to find a quick knit pattern that I can do by Christmas. (Like I have nothing else better to do!!) I’m thinking a lacy moebious cowl or something similar. Maybe if it is lacy she won’t notice any INdividual Pattern Variations. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a clue what a pidge is, but I’m sorry this happened. :hug:

I have to keep all my knitty things put away so the cats don’t bother it.

The pidge is that $200+ scarf that has two buttons that has been floating around for a while. It wasn’t hard to make, really, but took more time than I have to make another. And I thought this was put away. Apparently the younger cat who has excellent retrieving skills managed to get it out of wherever I had it (which at this point I’m not sure which bag or box it was in.) I thought it was in my sock drawer (where I keep most of my knit gifts) so maybe I didn’t have it all the way closed. Why couldn’t he have latched on to one of the cheap pair of $2 socks that I never wear anymore?

Ah yes, the infamous cat ruined my knitting…and then they sit there looking all cute with the “did I do that???” look on their faces…

I think your idea about the lacy pattern is a great one, especially if you have a picky recipient. Why do people have to be that way?

Bad bad cats!!! Yesterday I was searching all around the house for my cat and she was sat in a chirstmas sack with all my DGD pressies!!! I just hate to think what she would have done in there if I hadn’t have found her!!!

Well, that is one thing I never have to worry about. The cats are very festidious about their litterbox. If I could teach them to use a toilet and leave my yarn alone they’d be nearly perfect.

I was thinking more along the lines of shredding all the paper of the pressies…But now you come to mention it!!!

200!!! :thud: Darn cats!!!


(((((((((((HUGE HUGS))))))))))))

because not only are they cats, but male cats to boot. the male ones tend to be more active than the females. when my girls ruin my things, i know it’s because they’re being vindictive (maybe their catbox wasn’t sifted RIGHT THAT SECOND…).

Oh you poor thing!! :hug:

I just had to go and hug my dogs and give them a big kiss. They never touch my yarn or knitted items thank goodness. Garbage bags are a different story though.
So sorry that your hard work was destroyed.

Maybe they were just doing a ‘quality control’ inspection to see how well the knitting would hold up in ‘uh, a bar fight’ situation? Or a typical ‘CAT FIGHT?’ :rofl:

Bad kitties! I’m so sorry! :hug:

:hug: I’m sorry!! :hug:

Our kitten has gotten so good at stealing my yarn while I’m knitting…she know she isn’t suppose to and it’s only wool yarn…I’ll be knitting away and then look to find the ball of yarn and just see a string going all the way into the other room… I can’t leave anything down either made out of wool or she does the same thing…she has her own wool yarn too :teehee:

To quote Dwight Schrute, on why he doesn’t like cats:
"Cats do not provide milk or wool or meat."
lol Sorry to hear about it :confused:

Ohhhh, I am so sorry, that’s absolutely horrible! I’ve been fortunate enough that my cats haven’t destroyed any of my knitting, only my furniture…I have a love/hate relationship with my cats…lol

I say you use a little shame treatment here… force them to wear that Pidge in front of their friends.

:hug: I hear you about the perfectionist Mom, and I hope you can figure something out!