I'm going to cut my knitting

It’s too wide. The stupid part is, I did swatch and have never been so perfectly on stitch and row gauge; I just chose the wrong size to knit. I’m always so scared stuff is going to be too small. Anyway, this is a rush rush project, and I don’t have time to start over. I’ve already done 15" (in 2 days!) and I don’t want to unravel.

So what I want to do is cut away about 2-3 inches off the sides of the knitting. I want to do it now cuz if I do something terrible and have to start over, I still have enough of this yarn left to do it in a smaller size. I hope this doesn’t happen.

I don’t have a sewing machine. But I was reading the Eunny Jang article in Winter IK on steeks and it looks like the crochet method of reinforcing the stitches will be enough since this is 100% non-superwash wool. It’s Cascade Ecological Wool.

From people who have done this before, would it be okay if I just cut off the entire 2-3 inches off of one side of the knitting? Or should I divide that and do, say 1 1/2 inches off each side?

Also, do you guys know of any other picture tutorial for doing steeks, particularly with the crochet method of reinforcing? I’ve looked through Ingrid’s tutorial (thanks, Ingrid).

I’m just a little scared.

Don’t know much about cutting my knitting but…

You should split the measurement on each side unless it is a completely straight piece of knitting you have for the 15 inches (no shaping or decreases). This from a sewer.

Dee Dee

It does not have any shaping. It’s a man’s shapeless sweater.

I’m pretty sure that www.schoolhousepress.com has a pictorial on crocheted steeks.

If you have just a rectangle, you should be able to get away with one side, I’d think.

I don’t think I can do it. I can’t find any tutorial on just doing this on a regular (non fair isle) sweater. Oh well. :verysad:

A fair isle sweater is just a sweater with colors. Here is a good article on crocheted steeks. You really just need stockinette.

Since you’re not preserving the extra stitches, you can just do one crocheted row up the side and cut.

Thanks Ingrid. It’s not stockinette. It’s this pattern:

Is it still okay? The only reason I mentioned the fair isle bit is because some tutorial said the floats of the fair isle felt together and were part of the reason the knitting didn’t unravel when you cut it. Anyway, if I can still do it, I would just crochet two columns of stitches together up one (or both) sides and cut, what, like 1/4" after (towards the edge) the chain? I tried doing sc up like that but I don’t seem to be getting two separate columns of crochet between which I am supposed to cut, like it looks in the tutorial. I just get a ridge of single crochet lying on top of my knitting.

I feel so stupid.

I don’t really know anything about the floats. I do know that often the yarn in the fair isle sweaters is so wooly that the strands want to stick to each other.

For normal steeks, you crochet on both sides because you have to preserve both edges since they’re part of the sweater. The part that you’re cutting off doesn’t need to be kept from unraveling, so you could do one row, I’d think. Maybe if you’re insecure about it, you could do two rows and just cut on the outer edge of the two. This way there are two seams to protect the edge. I don’t know how bulky that would be, though. Between the crocheting and the seaming, I do think it will hold, though.

Thank you, Ingrid. I think I will go ahead and do two. I’m really scared, but I will try it. grabbing scissors, taking deep breath, approaching knitting . . .

Be brave!!! :cheering: