I'm going to cave and felt something

So i’ll admit i don’t really like the look of felted things but my MOM loves it! And i saw a bag online that was all white with a red flower motif that i did like so i think illl give felting a chance. So, any tips on getting started? I saw felting yarn in Michaels the other day, should i get that? Does it have to be special yarn?:??
Also, the bag i want to knit has a small chart you have to read. I’ve never worked with a chart before. I’ll be using 29" circular needles but from what i gather that’s just to hold the stitches and i’ll actually be working flat .So does that mean that on the first line of the chart i work from right to left and then on the second left to right? Oh Man…i’m in over my head.

this is the bag i want to do. Can someone explain why in Materials in asks for circs but in the instructions it says “using straight needles cast on”?

It does have to be a feltable yarn- like 100% wool, that does NOT say “superwash” or “washable”. There’s tons of 100% wool out there, I know Lion Brand makes a few, if you are stuck with a Hobby lobby/Michael’s type place.

Felting is fun- like magic. the bag pre-felting will look a little out of proportion and floppy, but should turn out just fine.

I’ve never made that pattern, and I’m not sure why they say to cast on using straight needles. it may be a typo. if it is all worked back and forth and not joined, it probably doesn’t matter.

I always get the beginning of chart reading mixed up: You start from the bottom, but I get the l-r and r-l mixed up inless it is infront of me. I’m sure someone can straighten you out!

I think they just mean to cast on as if you’re using straight needles. The circs are for accommodating the stitches.

The chart is read from right to left on the front, and left to right on the back.

100 percent, non superwash wool will felt. However, pure white will not, since it’s been bleached. I’m sure the felting yarn at Michaels would be fine.

Hi psquidy:
I looked at the pattern you want to do and from what I can tell you are using your circular needle as a set of straight needles throughout the entire pattern (so you are working flat). Since the Finishing instructions tell you to “fold the piece in half lengthwise . . . and then sew the cast-on edge and side edge.” Since you are working flat with your needle (and not in the round) I would say you should work the chart from right to left then left to right [RS stitches are odd numbers and WS (non-public side) stitches are even numbers]. Lastly, almost any 100% animal fiber yarn should work (wool, alpaca, etc.); however, skeins made or mixed with silk or man made fibers will not. By the way I have never felted with white wool, but I have heard it is difficult to felt well.

You might want to also check out this mini tutorial:


Okay thanks everyone. All that info really helps a lot. One more thing, the whole right side wrong side thing. I know the ws is the side that is non- public (I like that mystery_girl). So if it says end on wrong side does that mean that i just finished knitting the wrong side and my next stitches will be on the right side? I’ve NEVER understood this. Please help! You guys have been so helpfull!

That’s exactly what that means. If it says end with wrong side row, then the last row you’ll knit is the wrong side. Can’t wait to see this bag when you’re done!

Thanks everyone! With all this help i can’ t possibly screw this up. One more question. Can you really cut it as if it’s fabric once it’s felted? It won’t unravel?

100% right! :wink:

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=deepskyblue]I’m thinking that maybe the reason they tell you to ‘cast on onto a straight needle’ is that they want to make sure you don’t cast on onto the skinny cable of the circular, thereby making such little stitches that you can’t get your needle point into them to continue. That’s how I always take those particular instructions. :lol:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]