I'm going to be published!

There is a site called Tiny Lightsthat publishes writing and essays. My father bugged me about it so I sent in a piece just to “shut him up”. I heard back from the editor today that they are going to use it in a section called “Flash in the Pan”. It is a piece about my daughter and my experience teaching her how to knit.

His response was, of course, “I told you so”.

Published and about knitting!!!

Congratulations!!! :cheering::cheering::cheering::cheering::cheering:

That’s great! Congrats!! Let us know when it will be up.

That’s so cool! :cheering: :woot: Congratulations! :happydance:

:woot: Congrats!! :woot:

That is Amazingly, Tremendously AWESOME!!! :cheering:


That’s totally awesome!!! Congratulations! :muah:

Very cool. It’s always a good feeling when something you have written gets published.


Wow! Good for you!!:cheering: :cheering:


That’s wonderful, good on you and your Dad!


Thanks everyone. I went to school to be a journalist but just burned out on it and so never completed my degree. I was not really suited to that style of writing and like writing more essay type things and poetry. My dad has been pushing me (I say that in the kindest way) and encouraging me to do something with my writing since I was a kid. I put it away when I became a mom and picked it up again after my marriage fell apart.
I have always really just written for myself so it astounds me that someone else would actually find value in my words.

OK, that was a long, rambling bit of nothing… Any way, I just wanted to say thanks…

:hug: :woot: Congratulations! Isn’t an awesome feeling? :slight_smile:

Nicely done and Congratulations!! :woohoo: :woohoo:

Very, VERY cool! What a wonderful feeling that must be! Good for you :yay:

Graet news !! you must be so happy. Congrats to you and to your dad for pestering you:)