I'm going to be an auntie and

I’d love to knit something for my new niece or nephew. I’ve only been knitting for 6 months and am just finishing my first cardigan. Before that it’s all been scarves, ponchos, samplers and simple bags. Does anyone have any pattern suggestions for me? I was thinking baby clothes rather than blanket type stuff as I’m a bit sick of knitting squares. Nothing too complicated. Also, I live in Portugal and can’t get hold of a lot of specific yarn brands (it seems quite limited here compared with the UK and there are LOTS of blends) so I need something I can knit with different yarn.

Any ideas?

Many thanks,

Lou x

I think this is positively adorable.


I just finished this sweater pattern (jacket/cardigan) it’s very simple! Uses a worsted weight yarn, and sizes birth to 2 years :slight_smile:

Ribbed Baby Jacket

It’s all knit and purl. I would recommend doing the first 4 rows just knit (no purls- garter stitch) to keep the edge from rolling, and then when you do the front, repeat (last four rows in garter). This would be great for a boy or girl, and looks good in a sold color, a multi color or a semi solid. Good luck and congratulations!

Here’s a few I have bookmarked.


I second the Ribbed Baby Jacket, which is a Debbie Bliss Design, recommended by jeanius80.

Another great little pattern is this sweater, which I finished knitting last night -

I thought the busy-ness of the stitch in the bottom half of the jumper was unnecessary - the colourful stripes are the feature of this jumper - so I knitted the bottom half in plain stocking (stockinette) stitch, with a few rows of garter stitch round the bottom to prevent curling. There are so many colour combinations you can use, put on some special buttons, and it looks very cute.

The hat instructions don’t seem to quite match how the hat looks in the picture. I did a hat to a different pattern but still using the same stripes, just didn’t bother trying out that hat when I already knew my favourite one is reliable.


I know you said you were tired of knitting squares, but how about doing a baby blanket and using it to learn a new technique. This entralac blanket, while still a square, will teach you an easy but impressive looking stitch/technique.

i made this for ds’s toy, it is for a baby though lol


i did post a piccy of the finised jumper in the fo board if you want to see what it looks like

have a look through ravelry you’ll find masses of georgous patterns there. i have masses saved but no baby yet lol