I'm going to be a grandma!! UPDATE!

I’ve known for 6 weeks or so, but now it’s FB official! Yay! :two_hearts:


Oh, Jan, the best news! That’s fantastic and I’m thrilled for you and your family. Congratulations.

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Thank you! It’s the first one! We’ll find out the sex at the gender reveal in 3 weeks…if my daughter can hold out that long. :slight_smile:

Whoo-hoo, get those needles busy!

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You’ll be an awesome grandma!!!

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Thanks @GrumpyGramma and @Nannieree!! So excited!

Jan that is wonderful news! And all the little goodies you get to knit… : )

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Congratulations to you! That are a great news!

more information

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Hooray, many cuddles!

(but beware of the craving :wink:


:joy: Thank you all!

You will have so much fun with making things now – booties, hats, blankets and TOYS!!! (My favorite!) May your grandchild be healthy and happy. We don’t have to worry about the showering with love part, Grandma will have that one corned for sure, but will share with others, of course.

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Oh, hooray, Jan! Congratulations!!! What exciting news! The newcomer is so lucky to have you as their loving Grandma! <3

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Oh, how wonderful! There is nothing like the first one. I spent gobs of money on that first one but just picked up a few things at Walmart for the others to come. lol I’m sure you have offered to babysit. :blush:

Absolutely! Lol

Grammas don’t babysit. They offer an enhanced experience for the child while parents are otherwise occupied. rofl

It’s a girl!! :revolving_hearts::heartpulse::revolving_hearts:

Congratulations, now let the good times roll! Lol

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Woohoo! Fabulous news, Jan.

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Congratulations Jan! I don’ think I will ever have a granddaughter. My daughter doesn’t look like she is interested in any guys and not looking for any either so so luck there for a girl. My son who has two boys now went and had a vasectomy after his second son was born. So no more grandchildren from him.