I'm going to attack the Lacey from Knitty.com

Not being a huge fan of fluffy mohair, I have bought some gorgeous soft baby merino in a 4 ply in a lovely beige/cream colour.

I have my 5mm and 8mm needles ready to go and I can’t WAIT :smiley:

I’m just swatching up the lace (to swatch and to practice the pattern) so I can block it tonight to make sure the size will come out the same.

WOO! My first wearable!

YAYYYYY!!! Make sure to post lots of progress pics!

I’ll be setting up my blog this week/weekend… so I’ll have LOTS of pics …

I’m going to be incorporating pearl beads into the ribbed part of the shrug… so… which would look better (I have to change it from a 2/2 to a 3/1 rib).

Pearl being slightly hidden in the pearl part of the rib (hehe… just got that)… so that when it’s on it’s a ‘glimpse’… OR

Putting the pearl in the same place, but having it 3pearl 1 knit stitch rib and have the pearl in a prominent position on the cuff?

I’m leaning towards the glimpse of pearl… but…


Go’head cowgirl!!! Yeehaw!!! :happydance:

So um … :shifty: :oops: pearl beads?? You mean actually knitting with beads made of pearl? Or are ya talking about a fancy purl st? :?? :oops:

I’ve seen a lot of patterns for knitting /w beads, but none have been something I would actually wear. :frowning: One of these days though, I will knit w/ beads… :mrgreen:

Oh, I mean knitting with beads. Not real pearls of course, just pearl like beads…

I think i’m gonna go with the glimpse, as I re read the pattern and it’s a 1/1 rib, which makes it easier :D.