I'm going to a redskin game!


I just found out that my dh got tickets to the Redskin/ Saints game!!! It’s on the 14th!!! I can’t wait!!! AHHHHH!!! YEAH!!! I’m so excited… now I have to line up the baby sitter…

That’s cool. I love being at football games - esp college.
Hopefully your a Saints fan :wink:

Have a wonderful time! Wear your good walking shoes and bring some knitting - if you haven’t been before, it’s a long process of parking, getting in and getting back out after the game so good shoes, patience and some knitting are key. But the games ARE a ton of fun!

Let’s hope the Skins are good this year…crosses fingers and toes


Oh I hope they are too… dh is from LA so he’s a Saint’s fan and I’m a Skins… Last time we beat them… (ha ha ha) Tori went to that last game with mil and fil in New Orleans, she cheered for the Skins, that’s my girl!!! :teehee:

And I went before about 5 years ago, I plan on taking knitting… I should check what I can bring in… for half time and such. At home I knit during the game, while I watch it, but don’t know if I’ll want to when I’m there…

I’m so EXCITED!!!

And very funny vaknitter!

I adore football (college and NFL) as well as hockey…I’m much more of a rabid sports fan than DH. In fact, the first fall after we were married, it was an unusually warm day so I had the windows open during the Wisconsin Badgers game (my alma mater - Go Big Red!) and was screaming at the TV…well, DH was going around closing the windows and I asked why and he said he was too embarrassed by my ranting and raving at the TV…:aww: :roflhard:

Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do…

I’ve yelled at the TV too… usually at the ref’s… my grandfather used to have these pillows that had pom-pom hanging off of it and he would throw them at the TV :teehee: