I'm going insane!

Ok, I’m a beginner knitter and I know knit and purl. I’ve done scarves and basic ponchos. So, I thought I’d try and learn some new stitches. Well, it’s almost 2 am and I can’t go to sleep because I’m just so frustrated. :crying:

I’m trying out the moss stitch, I never could get ribbing down. I know the yarn has to be in front to purl, back to knit. But what I’m doing comes out the be a big blob of yarn. :?? Is the yarn passed under or over the needles? Oh, and BTW, I can’t get the videos to load although I’d love to watch them. Thanks!

Moss stitch is like confused K1P1 ribbing. Once you get one, the other should come pretty easily.
The yarn should be passed under your needles, always. It looks sort of tangly and lumpy if you pass it over, or if you insert the needle into your stitch before attempting to pass the yarn to the other side.
I can’t help you with the videos, though. Sorry.

I pass the yarn BETWEEN my needles…I guess thats the same as under.

For the videos, right-click and choose “save target as”. If you download them to your puter, you should be able to watch them with no problem! :thumbsup:

I think the word ‘under’ can be confusing. When I first started, and was learning ribbing, I would pass my yarn under my WORK from front to back and vice versa and I definitely ended up with a big glob of fabric when I was done. Then I realized that then yarn, when going between knits and purls, needs to pass between the needles, that it started making more sense and actually looking like how it was supposed to look.

Wow, I didn’t even think about the possibility that ‘under’ could mean under the entire thing. I sit corrected, or at least clarified. I guess this is why it’s good to have lots of input from different people!

Tab, I think I would have known exactly what you meant, had I not experienced the other at the beginning of my knitting career, taking my yarn under the whole thing :blush: .

You’re right, that’s why we’re all here!! To help and clarify when needed. This place is great! :thumbsup:

I think I’m inserting my neddle before moving the yarn. :doh: I will try it again (and again!).