I'm giving this a try--this is all new to me!

I’m really new to knitting. How do I use this site? I am doing my first project, which is a beaded scarf. I need to rip out some stitches. How do I do it? All the stitches are purls. The pattern sequence is purl 5, then slide on a bead and repeat this sequence 5 times across the row. It’s simple, which is great, but I haven’t needed to rip until now. Somehow I ended up with a couple of beads in a column instead of one. I didn’t notice it until I had done a two rows beyond this mistake. It is in the middle of a row. I was doing so well, darn it. any suggestions are appreciated.

Can someone help with this new member?

Hello. That sounds pretty (i love beading but dont have the patience for it!).
To go pack to sort out that problem there are 2 or 3 things you could try. The first is my preffered method but can be a bit time consuming, especially over a couple of rows. It is called Tinking or unknitting. (tink being knit spelt backwards).

It is basically a method of undoing your knitting one stitch at a time and is well described in this article here which also has some nice pictures.

The second method is commonly called ripping out or frogging (because you ‘rip it rip it rip it’, bad pun alert!) and is done very simply by sliding the stitches of your needle and pulling on the working yarn so that the stitches come undone. This is very fast. It is best to pull out the stitches until you are just past the misrtake you want to correct and try and finish at the end of a row.

You then have to re-insert your needle into the stitches. This can be a little tricky but on all purls shouldnt be to much of a problem. IIf the loops of the stitches are facing me i try and put the needle in from back to front through each one.

The alternative is to insert a spare needle into your knitting before you frog it which means you dont have to try and pick up the stitches afterward. You insert the needle a row or two below where you are frogging back to. There is a video showing you how here. (scroll down about half way to ‘Fixing mistakes’ and you will see a video for ‘how to re-insert your needle’ and '‘inserting your needle into a destination row, before unraveling’).