I'm getting my passport today

Well, I am applying for my passport today. From my understanding, it may be several months before I actually see it.

But it’s my first passport, so I am excited! At least I am doing it before I turn 30.:wink: (Hey, I’ve got a few months!)

I applied for my passport several months ago. At that time they also told me it would be a while before I received it and, guess what - it arrived in 2 weeks!!! So, you never know, it may come sooner than you think.

I’m on my third passport and I think that the delivery has gotten faster each time. This last one only two me 2-3 weeks

:cheering: So…
Where will you be travelling to???
[SIZE=1](I was also almost 30 when I got my first passport!)[/SIZE]

I need to do that. There’s a passport fair next week here so I need to sign up. I’ve been putting it off and putting it off because I just hate dealing with stuff like that. I’m sure I’ll wait in some long line and the person who gets me will say “you don’t have form XX32-B-9848747389 so I can’t send this through.”. :roflhard:

I am going to China in July for a relief trip. We will be going into interior China and working with some orphanages and in some of the villages we will be doing construction.

People think that because there are so many factories in China, it is a progressive nation, but in reality, it is very much a developing country. Most places still do not use “western toilets”…they use a hole in the ground, and you kind of squat over it. The government isn’t really too concerned with quality of life for the interior peoples (the big cities are where most funds are disbursed for progress) and there is a big need for help. Sanitary issues are rampant, in both the villages and the big cities, and pollution is a huge issue.

But, the governement is very suscpicious of Americans, and it can be difficult to gain access for trips like this. But with the Olympics in Beijing this year, the borders are more accessible for us.

I am sooooo excited. I can’t wait. And getting the passport was unbelievably easy.

I completely agree with you there. The people still suffer from many forms of persecution. Its one of the countries were people can seek Asylum from. Good luck at your relief mission!! I know you will bring much needed help to those neglected areas!!

wow thats weird, i have always had a passport my whole life, never dawned on me that there are people who dont have one! My first one my parents had to hold me up for the pic since i was only months old! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish you well on your journey!
It will be a wonderful adventure.
Many blessings…

What a wonderful project! :cheering:

My boyfriend asked for his US passport this morning at the Consulate in Montreal, and they told him he could get it in 2-3 weeks. If this is the case in a foreign country, I don’t see why it would take longer in the US! Then again bureaucracy always finds ways to surprise us. :teehee:

Wow it took me 2 months for my passport to arrive last summer=P
But I got my passport to go to China too!
You should be excited! The Chinese people are so amazing.
Don’t forget to bring your own toilet paper :mrgreen:
How long will your flight be?