I'm getting MUCH better!

I’ve only been knitting for 2 months and I’m getting MUCH better…at pulling out rows. I can’t understand why I have big gaps in the pattern. It looks right as far as I can tell, but where do these big holes come from? Am I knitting too loose in some places and too tight in others? There are no dropped stiches. I do tend to pull the yarn out too much. Am I stretching it too far? :thinking:

Any one of the above. Usually, holes occur if you have the yarn in the wrong place, not in back for k and front for p. But when you do this, you usually end up with an extra stitch–its called a yo for an on-purpose hole–for future reference.

Is there any way you can show us a picture? Listen to me, I’m the one without the digicam, but it would help a great deal to get to the root of the problem. :smiley:

It very well could be a yarn over. I’m very good at those too. I do a lot of growling while knitting, but I will conquer this!!!

Only thing I have found equally addicting as knitting is this web site. If I’d get off the computer, I’d be much farther along with that scarf.

Boy, do I know that feeling!