I'm Getting Married Today

You guys are all too cute. I wasn’t going to start my own thread, but I noticed the replies to my sig were possibly taking over other discussion threads.

But anyways, I am getting married today for the first, and hopefully the very last time. We are 23 and will have been together for 2 years in November.

We are keeping the ceremony small, only 20 guests, and we are having the dinner reception at East Side Mario’s where we had our first date. In lieu of gifts everyone is paying for their own meal.

We wanted to elope but the mother’s were NOT AT ALL happy with that idea, so the ceremony is 80% for the parents. So me and FH are very relaxed about it. I don’t mind at all. We still did it our way, just a bit bigger, and it’s really fun to tease my mom about her being the bride haha. (her friends were doing it too. it’s so funny.)

We have the week off from work, but aren’t planning to go anywhere. Our own little family is right here and I am always happiest when I wake up around noon on a lazy Saturday, cuddling up with my FH and having our 3 kitties snoring around us.

How could we possibly leave that for any given amount of time?

I gotta get running now, my mom is set to pick me up any minute.

:muah:thank you all for the kind words and well wishes I have seen throughout the board. When I get a chance I will be sure to thank you more personally!!!


Congratulations and Happy Lovey Wedding Day to you both!
Your “honeymoon” plans sound devine! The best trip is right at home I think!
Have a wonderful day! :thumbsup:

Congratulations! I wish you a very special day. :hug:

Congrats! I hope you have a wonderful day! :woot:

[LEFT][SIZE=5][COLOR=Teal]Congratulations, Krystal![/COLOR][/SIZE]



I got married in April. Same thing, small with only 18 guests. It’s the best way to do it, I think.

On your wedding day I wish you sunshine, happiness, love, laughter, joy, beautiful memories and peace.

Remember this day is for you, so take a deep breath and enjoy every minute. It’s all about the Bride!!

Congratulations :slight_smile:

May you and your FH enjoy this beautifull day and the following week. Congrats to you both!

yeah a wedding! Have fun and good luck to you both :muah:

Congrats or commiserations, whichever is appropriate. :teehee:

Congratulations! I love your idea of keeping it small–no stress, no pain. Best to both of you!:hug:

Congratulations! I hope you have a wonderful day. That’s the same type of honeymoon hubby and I had, home with the kitty’s!

:muah:yay! have fun! congratulations!

we spent our honeymoon at home too :eyebrow: it was great! we had planned on camping, but it was too hot, so we went home, but didn’t tel anyone and just had fun going out and being home with no phone calls, no demands :cloud9:

Congratulations! Have lots of fun on your special day!

Congrats :heart: :hug: and LOL Mason!

Oh Congratulations . Enjoy the day and may this be the the first day of many wonderful times .

Congratulations and good luck!

COngrats!! I hope the day is perfect!!!

Congratulations! Enjoy your honeymoon, it sounds wonderful!

Congrats! Brilliant idea to keep it small. We didn’t. Suffice it to say your way is much better.
Have a wonderful day and many, many years of happiness. :heart: