I'm getting Lasik on Sat!

I am so excited!:blooby::woot::woohoo:
I have had glasses/contacts since I was 5 (I’m 30) and can’t wait to get rid of the hassle!
The only thing I’m scared of is that I won’t be able to knit for the weekend? Has anyone had this?

Oh, how exciting for you!! :cheering:DH has had glasses since he was 18 months old, and was recently evalutated for Lasik. Unfortunately, he is not a candidate. :cry:

From what I have heard, you should’nt have any problem knitting!!

Hey - keep us posted on how you are doing!! Good luck!

That’s so exciting!! I can’t imagine having to wear glasses since I was so young (although little kids with glasses are so cute!). I just got glasses a few years ago and even they’re just for driving and distance. I’ve heard though that its a really cool experience when you can see w/o glasses or contacts for the first time. Good luck!!!

I did it 5 years ago, but it seems like it was just yesterday!

I was pregnant (just found out the week before and they okay-ed it since my vision was exactly the same as the year before) so I couldn’t take the Valium they offered. It burned a little bit. I had to wear the geeky sunglasses, but I got to go home right away. I had “mayonnaise” vision for the first hour or so. I could see fine, but it was like I was looking through a greasy window or dirty glasses. I went home and slept as recommended. When I woke up my eyes were burning like crazy. My medication had worn off and my eyes were really dry. I put some stuff in them and just had a minor burning sensation for the rest of the evening. The next day it was like nothing had happened. I had to wear goggles in the shower and couldn’t wear eye make-up for a few weeks, but the healing went very quickly. Other than using some eye drops for the first week or so, you shouldn’t notice anything! Knitting shouldn’t be a problem as soon as the initial couple of hours have passed.


About four years ago, I had two procedures…Lasik in one eye and PRK in the other eye. One of my corneas wasn’t thick enough to one of the procedures (can’t remember which was which), but they were still able to correct the vision with the other procedure.

I, too, had worn glasses from the time I was about two or three, and we’re talking thick lenses, plus I had contact lenses from the time I was in the first or second grade. I had very, very bad eyes, but a really great surgeon down in south FL was willing to work with me to get my eyes ready.

It was an [I][B]amazing[/B][/I] experience. You’ll smell a burning smell during the procedure, but it doesn’t hurt. You’ll notice some pressure, but again no pain. The feeling you’ll have when you sit up and can see across the room…


I cried when the doctor asked me what time it was, and I could read the clock on the wall across the room. All the way home, I acted like a kid who had just learned how to read…“There’s Publix, that street name is ‘so-and-so’.”

I drove myself to my follow-up appointment (20 minutes away) the next day. I was shocked!

Your vision will continue to improve over several weeks as the healing processes finishes.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes! :muah:

Thanks for the support guys! they say i need to take a nap after, which should be fine since I’m getting it at 9:30 am and I can ALWAYS sleep. I’m a bit nervous though because of my panic/anxiety disorder. I’m already on meds for it, I just hope the valium helps! (except that i tend to worry about overmdication, lol)
I will update after!:muah:

I’m so happy for you. I had it done about 6 years ago. I too cried like a kid, I was so happy. The nurse ask how many fingers from across the room. I could see her hands right after the procedure.
The Dr. told me it was ok for me to take a xanax before I went. I slept all afternoon. I opened my eye’s to quickly when I woke up and I got a little wrinkle in one eye. That was not a problem though. I went back in the next day and he smothed it out and all was well. You will do just fine.

Mulder, don’t be anxious. It’s a very easy procedure these days. I did not take anything beforehand (they didn’t even offer), and I did just fine. I don’t like needles or anything, and I was totally okay.

Focus on how wonderfully you’ll be able to see. Feed on that emotion. You’re gonna do great! I’ll be thinking of you!

i’ve been wanting lasik for the past few years. my eyes haven’t changed, but we haven’t had the money! i told DH if i can find a job making the same amount i make now, we’re getting the interest free financing so i can see forever!
my only problem is, owen nurses once a day still…i wonder if they’ll let me do it? :pray::pray::pray:i sure hope so!

let us know how it goes!

I had it done about 6 years ago. I also had worn glasses since 1st grade, and my vision was horrible. The worst part was how sensitive to light I was that evening (had it done after work around 4pm) but I could see amazingly well even minutes after. I am so glad I had it done, it has literally changed my life! DH did it too a few months later.

You will probably be able to knit the next day. Good luck!

I had LASIK almost ten years ago. I’m sure it’s much more advanced now, but even back then, it was a pretty simple procedure. (Very fast, too.) I remember having to tape these lenses over my eyes while I slept for a day or two (?) after the surgery. But I think I was blurry only for the first day. I’m certain you’ll be able to knit very soon afterwards. Good luck!!

ooOOOoo0 i am so secretly jealous! :wink:
i have had to wear corrective lenses since i was 8 or so.:pout: i really want lasik. i wear contacts constantly now, and i sleep with them in (i KNOW!! :oo:) so that i can see and find my dd at night when i have to get up to bf her. w/o the lenses i can’t even read at a comfortable distance. i would have to hold the book up about 6 inches away or so. :ick:

those of you who have had it done, how did you go about selecting a dr/office?

I hope all goes well for you today! That is so cool and I am adding my name to the list of the (not so) secretly jealous!

Hooray for you!


Good luck today!!! Please let us know how it went!

As far as picking a doctor, make sure you pick a person who has done a ton of procedures. My doctor had operated on professional athletes. Since I lived in south FL, I was fortunate that my doctor had operated on athletes from the Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, and Florida Marlins teams. I figured if a professional like that was going to trust him with their eyes, piddly little me would be safe in his hands. Plus, a friend had her eyes done by this doctor, so I had a personal reference.

short note-eyees slightly burning but can see! I still have my sunglasses on, took a 2 hr nap. Scary procedure having allt those things put in your eyes but it didn’t hurt.
for the first time EVER I could read the #'s on the houses across the street! I recocnized my husband without my glasses on!
I treated myselof for the 1st time in about 2 years to mcdonalds for lunch 2 cheeseburgers and fries. my tummy is paying for it but it was so good!
thaks everyone for the encouragement!

I’m so happy for you. It just get’s better with time. One of the things I liked best, I could drive without glasses, I could read the street signs. Everything looked brighter to me. You should be knitting by tomorrow :wink:

I’m having it done as well, probably over Christmas break. I had to have cataract surgery(by the way went very well). The doctor said I was a good candidate and will probably only have to use Wal Mart reading glasses.

Sorry about the cataract surgery, but glad it went ok! now you can have lasik! yea!

Mulder, I’m so glad things went well! Remember that your eyes will start hurting when they get dry. Make sure you keep them wet with eye drops.

So happy for you and thankful things went well! :):yay: