I'm getting closer!

It was at 1000 this morning and tonight


[li]You signed up on August 8, 2007[/li][li]You are #24008 on the list.[/li][li]524 people are ahead of you in line.[/li][li]15464 people are behind you in line.[/li][li]59% of the list has been invited so far[/ul][/li]I’ll probably be in tomorrow! :cheering:

Goody for you!!!

I am a latecomer:

You signed up on September 11, 2007
You are #32188 on the list.
8482 people are ahead of you in line.
7513 people are behind you in line.
59% of the list has been invited so far

so it will probably be quite a while for me.

wow, there are 684 people ahead of me!! I didn’t realize I was that close, I just checked it about 5 days ago and there was a lot more ahead of me!!

So? So? So? Are you in? Huh? Huh? I mean it is tomorrow!

I still have 608 ahead of me this a.m. … I wish they would start today’s invites!!! :tap:

STILL no invites…it’s been at 5550 ALL DAY…did they :::::gasp::::::::: take a day off???

Oh! They just sent out a batch of 114. Woot!

I’m sorry…but what is it??? :aww:

www.ravelry.com an organizing showcasing website

Would you believe there is already a “feministmama” on Ravelry??? At first I thought it was you, but she’s in Cali, not Portland. You can join me in my boat though… “Silver” was taken too. :doh:

I’m so close now I’m beyond giddy!!! :yay: I was close to 500 something this AM early. Now I’m about 180. SOOOOOOO close!!! I can barely contain myself!

:cheering::cheering::cheering: 244 ahead of me :cheering::cheering::cheering:

123 people ahead of me!!! getting closer…

eep! 207 ahead of me now. I can barely handle it - I hope they send out a couple hundred more invites tonight!

What the…ugh…oh no!!! Now what am I gonna call myself???:??

I know, I’m sorry. :frowning: How about “Femmy”?

You could go with Femmy since that is what we call you anyway. The other is too long to type. :shifty: However you could go with feministmamatoo. :teehee:

Gah! 59 people in front of me!!!

YEHA I’M IN!!!:cheering::cheering::cheering::cheering:

My name is Femmy. OK gotta go play

I was getting so close I could taste it yesterday. By 7pm I was 39th in line!!! Oh my goodness… the excitement… but then…


As of 8:35 am this morning I"m only to number 38 in line. WHAT??!!! Do these people sleep??? Don’t they know that is NOT allowed when I’m SOOOOOOOOO close to getting on ravelry and seeing what all the hubbub is about? URG!:rofl: