Im gaining stitches

I only just started knitting yesterday, i cast on 25 but somehow now have 40 on the bit on the needle… and i REALLLY don’t wanna start over!

I’m just posting pictures cus someone from chat asked to see it :slight_smile:

This is a sticky thread at the top of the “How to…” part of the forum.

Take a look and see if it answers your problem. Good luck.

Welcome and Congrats on getting started!

If you check this thread on the “how to” forum you will probably find your answer there. Seems to happen to everybody when they first get started.


Do you see in the picture where your working yarn is pulled up over the top of the needle on the right? And see those two loops there, looking like they’re ready to knit?

Chances are you are knitting both those loops and you’re not supposed to. If you hold the project like it shows in the picture, and pull the working yarn toward you (back over the needle), and then down to the right a bit, you’ll see those two loops sort of roll down, and then you’ll be able to see the “real” bit of yarn you’re supposed to knit into–the single loop that will be left at the top of the needle.

Hope that makes sense. It’s really common. If you knit those every time, you’re adding a stitch to every row.

congrats on starting! check on some vidshere…

Thanks for the responces :slight_smile:

I ended up pulling it all apart today because the mistakes were bugging me too much. I have about 4 rows now, and im just going really slowly and carefully with it, doing 2 rows every now and then so i don’t lose concentration :knitting: <i wanna be able to knit like that… it’s so cool how people ca do it really quick… and some of the things people make!

It just takes practice m’dear, we all made our share of mistakes once… and sometimes still do.

so glad i started over, have checked each row as soon as it’s finished and so far, so good -no mistakes!! I can realllly see the difference in it and am feeling good about what i’ve got done! :happydance: Done about an inch since this afternoon on and off. Dunno if thats a lot- probably not!! butttt i’ve been going really slow to make sure there’s no mistakes :mrgreen:

sorry to bring my post back from the dead, just wanted to say i finished the scarf :slight_smile: and got into the hang of doing it right :slight_smile: :slight_smile: annnnnd i made some little fingerless gloves to go with too, workin on following a pattern now (eek)

sooo thanks to everyone cus i’d probably still be stuck if it wasnt for this place :slight_smile:

Good for you for persevering. Think how much you’ve already learned and you’re on your way to becoming a proficient knitter.

That’s great you have improved. I made the same mistake on my first scarf… I cast on 15 and then I noticed it was taking me longer and longer to complete each row… I had about 35 stitches when I recounted… haha.

You’ll amaze yourself how far you can come in just hours and days, let alone weeks and months.