I'm FINALLY going to touch Malabrigo!

Ever since I found this site, I’ve heard about Malabrigo yarn. It seems that daily someone gets their hands on some. I’ve read, with severe yarn envy, about how soft it is, about the beautiful colors. I’ve looked longingly at the completed projects posted. I’ve felt like the kid with her nose pressed up against the glass at the candy store.

Well NO MORE!!! My LYS has just started carrying Malabrigo!!! :happydancing: Now, I must say that part of this is because I’ve talked about it so much because of all of you. The owner had seen it and liked it herself and thought it would be a good addition. As luck would have it, the yarn came in while we were on vacation, and I had to wait even longer. So today is the day!! (the shop is closed on Mondays) I’m going to finally feel and see this yarn that you all rave about. I’m hoping my wallet can take it.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am! :woot:

I know this is the only place that people can even begin to understand my glee. I can’t wait to post when I get home.


WHERE ARE YOU? Where is this shop? I got my Malabrigo on vacation in Ohio. But I live in Maryland where there is no Malabrigo to be found… at least not in stock…ever.:pout:

I may have to move.:verysad:

I’m in Iowa. Have you gone to the Malabrigo site to see where there’s a store near you?

i’m not lucky enough to have it in a LYS, but i just found out yesterday, my order shipped from chez casuelle. malabrigo for $7.95! (chunky thick/thin) so i too, will soon have my hands on some mmmmmalabrigo!!!

Yeah, but no one ever carries it. Malabrigo just thinks they do. Meanies.

Have you asked any of your lys to carry it? I asked, but they already had a shipment on the way. You could always show them your malabrigo/malabrigo FO as an example, and then direct them to the website. “SEE? It’s THIS soft, and the colors are SO beautiful!” :teehee:

When I first saw Malabrigo all wrapped up in a skein, I wasn’t all that impressed. It’s so tightly wound up, and tied with knotted yarn, it’s hard to know how soft it is.

Now, once you knit with it, however. . . . THEN you see the light!

I agree with Ingrid, I didn’t think I would like it at first, but then I knit with it, and the rest is history :wink:

I thought I’d died and gone to Heaven when my first skeins arrived.
I’ve bought several skeins from E-bay. At not bad prices too.

:inlove:i can’t wait for mine to get here.:inlove:

i’m going to knit a scarf and matching mittens. then we’ll see what is left over.

wow it is so awesome to knit with…

Jana where in Iowa are you? My mother is starting to rumble about taking another girls trip to do some crafty shopping so I am always happy to find another store that has Malabrigo while shopping (yes i am being greedy…my store hasn’t restocked much since they are moving soon! :!!!:slight_smile:

I bought some Malabrigo today!!! I bought two skeins of worsted weight in “lettuce.” It has the most beautiful hues of green you’ve ever seen. And soft?? Let me just tell you- HEAVEN!

I found a pattern from Art Yarns and am making a “Diamond Modular” scarf. I will upload the pix when I’ve cmpleted it.

Brenda, I’m in the Des Moines area- pretty much dead center of the state. We’re originally from out east, but hubby’s job has brought us here. (can you say fish out of water???)

I grew up outside of NYC in north Jersey, so this has been quite a culture shock.

MY LYS is the only store in the area that carries Malabrigo. If you end up coming this way I can give you the specifics.


aaah Lettuce is one of my favorite shades. I have a gorgeous water green color too that i need to find a good use for but lettuce is a lovely shade.

Is it The Pink House or Purls that has the Malabrigo?

I too, can’t wait to get my hands on some Malabrigo. Mine is currently winging it’s way here from the US and hopefully i’ll have it in a week or so :slight_smile:


:teehee: And people from the Midwest laugh at me when I say I’m scared of the Midwest. I’ll stick to the coasts. :rofl:

(Of course, it’s a different kinda scary being a Yankees fan in Boston. :teehee:)

You know I have lived in both the midwest and on the east coast. I would say that many people from the midwest would find the east coast scary too. The truth is that if you are open minded, neither place is scary.

I should have been clearer that I was joking. :hug:

Brenda, the store is called Knitted Together in West Des Moines, it’s been open about a year. Purls is listed on Malabrigo’s site, but they don’t carry it. The Pink House does alot of Plymouth yarns, not too many higher end.

Stiney, as for the whole east coast/midwest thing, I know you were kidding, but a lot of it is true. We moved here about 3 1/2 yrs ago for DH’s job. I’d always thought that life existed on the east coast- because really you’ve got everything within driving distance. I thought people vacationed on the west coast, but thought no one really lived in the middle of the country… the food just came from there! Since moving here we’ve made a point of taking the kids to Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Omaha, St Louis, and for the 4th we’re going to Mt Rushmore.

It’s a different life here- very layed back (which everyone thinks has been good for me since I’m so highstrung!) All that being said, the one thing I don’t miss from the east is the traffic! DH’ commute to downtown is 15 mins by car- 25 if there’s construction. In PA he had a 45 min commute each way on the PA turnpike (without traffic/construction)

oooh that one i hadn’t heard of. hrmm. i like Purls a lot though they don’t have a huge selection. I like the vibe there. Didn’t think much of The Pink House even though it has gotten such great reviews. I just wasn’t that impressed with the selection.

My mother is wanting to go back to that mall that isn’t terribly far from Purls (i can’t remember the name of it right now but it seemed like a nice one, what i saw of it anyway) and i am pretty sure the cross stitch store she liked in Urbandale. I have a feeling the hinting is going to start kicking into overdrive soon…lol. Will have to look into the one you mentioned to see what they have! :thumbsup: