I'm feeling stupid

Ok, I’m still pretty[color=green] green[/color] at :XX: and i’m a little :shifty: embarrassed to have to ask but… I need help!
Thought i’d try an “easy idiot’s” dishcloth for practice. OK… I got the:
CO4, K 1 row ([color=red]now here’s the hard part[/color])Next row, k2 inc in next st, k1([color=red]what does k2 inc in next st mean? how many stitches should i now have?I’m thinking 6? so I can do the next row?)[/color]Next row, k2,yo,k to end of row. repeat the k2,yo,k until you have 45 sts on the needle. [color=blue]Complete instructions are above the pic in the description box. [/color]

well i am fairly green myself and you will prolly want to wait for a second opinion but i am thinking you will have 5 stitches and they are basically telling you to knit into the front and back of the next stitch.

To inc 2 in the next stitch, you can knit, purl, knit into the next stitch. So you’re turning one st into three. If you just knit into the front and back, you’ll increase one stitch.

So you cast on 4

Then your first st gets increased to 3, plus the other three makes 6.

Next row, and every row after that you’re increasing one with the yo at the beginning of each row.

Your pic looks like it’s coming out correctly.

I edited this because, well, I goofed and brendajos set me straightt. Kudos to her.

but it doesn’t say she needs six stitches does it? am i reading it wrong?

ooooooh wait…does it say that you are suppose to do two increases into the next stitch?

You’re absolutely right. I goofed.

I think the problem here is the the directions say you start with 4.

The next directions say inc2 in the next st, k1 That still equals four. It shouldn’t, though.

I think it’s reading K2 stitches, then increase into the next one (the 3rd st), and then k1. You should have 5 total at the end of this row.

The reason I don’t think it’s saying increase twice into the next stitch is that the pattern doesn’t tell you what to do with the rest of the row. It just says K2 incr next stitch, k1. If you do that you’re only working with two of the 4 stitches on that row. I don’t think this is a short row pattern where you turn halfway through, or every row in the pattern would tell you to do that.

Also, notice how the pattern says to k2 at the beginning of every row? That’s the other reason why I think it’s k2, then inc.

well that’s what i read too the first time but then when you read it without the punctuation it seems like it is saying to knit two into the next stitch, i don’t think i have ever seen it written like that before but i haven’t read that many patterns either. :thinking:

This makes sense, too. :thinking: But, hey, its a washcloth, the pic looks good, it’s one stitch we’re talking about here. I say forge ahead.

oops. looks like my edits didn’t make it in before your posts ladies. Does my logic make any more sense Bren?

yup yup yup :smiley:

hopefully i wasn’t shoving my wendie logic down anyone’s throat. my nerd side of me just wants to figure things out. :oops:

lol…not for me. i like seeing i wasn’t completely reading it wrong. i generally shut down when i see instructions like that cuz i am too lazy to think that hard about any project so seeing that i might be able to figure SOME of them out makes me feel good…lol.

of course that doesn’t help me with the patterns i was looking at last night and swearing at cuz i had no idea what they were saying… :rofling:

mebbe if i decide to stop being so lazy in my knitting i will come and make y’all interpret them for me…lol :rollseyes:

The problem is that they forgot to add a comma after the k2…

This looks like the Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth pattern to me. I think the link I provided is easier to follow.

You are going to increase ONE st every row until you have 45 on the needle, then decrease 1 st every row until you are back down to sts.

Isn’t it amazing? All this confusion over one little ,

[color=red][size=2]shakes fist at the eeeeeeeeevil comma[/size][/color]



Ooooohhh!! :cheering:
Thanks everyone for all your help! :happydance:
I just woke up and this is the 1st thing i’ve done. I was hoping someone replied and was pleasantly surprised to see sooo much help. Got to sleep a little late due to this pattern and never did pass that 1st row.:crying: I just could not picture it in my head. (The picture was from the site where I got the pattern…) And thank you Kelly for finding that other pattern for me! That one seems ALOT clearer. Hopefully I’ll be allright from here and finish one soon… :pray: i’ll post my pic when i’m done. (But ,give me a bit. it seems to me i’m terribly s-l-o-w…)
Thanks alot girls!

No wonder the picture looked correct! :roflhard:

I was thinking the same thing, Ingy! :roflhard:

Im glad we could help…

I have to add, also, Kel, that Spiderman is DISTRACTING me! I had to read your reply THREE TIMES! :?

I know, I still can’t stop watching that silly man.

I wonder if that’s really a man in a spider suit dancing or is he computer generated?