I'm Excited

I just ordered the Lace Addi Clicks from my LYS. I did get the shorts as have small hands and wanted the extra cords that came with the set that the longs didn’t have. Can’t wait til they get here!!
Their price was the same as I’ve found on Amazon and other online places. I’d much rather deal with local merchants then the online places if I can.


That’s the Addi interchangeable set isn’t it?
I’m happy for you! :thumbsup: I want an interchangeable set so badly. I’ve been knitting for a few years now but I still need to order new needles for each project.
I’ve decided to save up for the KA interchangeable set. I can’t wait!!

That is exciting!

That’s why I decided to go for the set. I keep having to buy needles and since I like the Addi’s so well, at $16 a pop for the individual needles it doesn’t take long to add up to what you pay for the set. I will probably still have to buy some of the smaller sized needles when I need them as they won’t work as interchangeables.

You’re gonna love 'em! I reach for my Addi Clicks Lace Longs first before anything else!

Hope you get many good years out of them! One of these days I’m gonna lay out the cake for an interchangeable set, but just at this moment that’s not in the budget.

One word of caution that I’ve heard from people who use the “click on” type interchangeables (including Addi) is that they can sometimes come uncoupled without warning. Since I’ve never used anything but the screw on type, I can’t confirm or deny. Just passing on what I’ve heard so you can look out for it. Could be just a few people having “meatware” issues.

I’ve used Addi Clicks almost daily ever since they made their debut a couple years ago …I’ve never had my Clicks come undone. The secret is in the ‘click’. You just have to make sure you ‘seat them’ properly. The groove on the cable end has to line up with the dimples on the needle tip. Line them up (align them)…push…twist…release…click!

Because the ‘finish’ on Addi Clicks is sooooo buttery, I have a hard time griping the needle tip & cable end tightly enough to perform the push-twist maneuver…but I solved that by cutting out two 2"x 2" pieces of non-skid shelf lining. I use then to help me to do the push-twist part.

Anyway, most importantly…read your directions in the box. The wording and diagrams are very helpful. It’s not rocket science. But you do have to take care to align the grooves and dimples.

That is exciting. I hpoe you enjoy them and I’m sure you will use them all the time.
I want an interchangeable set too, but I don’t know which ones to get. I’ve never actually tried addis. I was going to try one for this next project but when I went to the LYS they didn’t have the size I needed. I got ChiaoGoo red cables and hiya-hiya and can’t even decide whether I like wood or metal better.
The chiaogoos seem like they are similar to addis. Has anyone tried both and can give me a comparison?

I’ve only ever used Addi circs in single sizes, but I liked them. I personally think Hiya Hiyas are a better value, at least as far as the single length circs go. I have several of them and love 'em.

That said, I notice a clever marketing ploy Hiya Hiya uses in their interchangeable sets. They have 2 sets, large and small, which go from… 2-8 and 9-15 (I think). The marketing trick is that the cables won’t swap between the large and small sets. So for someone like me, who rarely uses anything smaller than a US 6, I’m going to wind up either buying stuff I’ll rarely or never use, OR spending just as much to get the individual tips and cables for sizes 6-8. And on top of that, they don’t include the cable for a 16" length in the set – 18" is as short as you can go. I’m sure if you asked them, they’d say that even with the 4" tips they’d be too long for a 16" needle. (The tips are available in 4" and 5" lengths, and those DO interchange – within the same set.)

All of that has me looking at the Knitter’s Pride Dreamz interchangeable sets which go from… 4-11 and 13-17 (I think?). I have a couple of single length Dreamz and like them well enough, and my girlfriend has both interchangeable sets and LOVES them.

I have some of the Knitter’s Pride Dreamz DPNs, and I really like them. I also have some fixed circs Cubics (from the same company, I think) and those are nice, too–especially for squares like me.

It would be nice if more LYS had a variety of needles to try before you buy. Of course, then needle manufacturers would lose money on those of us who buy all these different kinds of needles to test drive.

And reading forums like this don’t help. They just make you wonder what you’re missing and, thus, drive you to the distraction of trying yet another brand!

Ah. The marketing ploy. Probably because you need pretty small cables for size 2 needles.
Someone at my LYS told me that there was some sort of legal thing with knitpicks and knitters pride (I’m pretty sure it was them) about the interchangable sets and that the tips are interchangable between the two brands. Not that that makes the tips similar in any way, I just thought it was interesting (and possibly useful). I haven’t tried knitters pride. I mostly have just an ever growing variety of fixed circs. I should get a set before it gets out of hand…

Sure… that’s what they [I]want[/I] you to think!

Actually, that’s the one explanation I can think of that makes sense. Hiya Hiya seems to have hung their hat on small needle sizes (they make them as small as US 00000000 – or 0.5mm, which is the size of a fine mechanical pencil lead!) And as far as I know, they don’t make anything larger than a US 15 (and I’m not 100% sure they even go [I]that[/I] large – they may stop at US 13).

Whatever their reasoning is, the results are effectively the same for my purposes. I’m going to have to buy stuff I don’t need or spend almost as much getting the sizes I’d use that aren’t included in the large set a la carte. Considering that the sets are $80 each, and I can get the basic Dreamz set for about the same amount, plus another $30-something for the “bulky” add-on set, the KP’s soudn like a better deal. Plus I occasionally use US 4’s. Not [I]often[/I], but once in a while.

I did NOT know that the Knitpicks tips would interchange with the Knitter’s Pride though. That’s very interesting.

I did NOT know that the Knitpicks tips would interchange with the Knitter’s Pride though. That’s very interesting.

I got the sampler sets from Webs and Knit Picks, all pieces are interchangeable which means I have double of some sizes of tips and that’s great. I ended up going with Knit Picks because I got free shipping and they had a 20% sale going, when I contacted WEBS they told me they couldn’t/wouldn’t consider free shipping. I think WEBS doesn’t charge me sales tax and Knit Picks does, so the tax/shipping might have been a wash except for the 20% off. I have Cubics fixed circ size 3 and use it but prefer round needles. WEBs have the needle size on the tips but it’s too small for me to read and that’s not a selling point. Overall it seems that only the names and colors have been changed to protect the guilty. Having black and purple cables can help ID which piece of knitting is next, which needle to use if using 2 circs in the round. The colors on the wooden set from WEBS, as I recall each size was a different color, was something I wanted but in the end decided the Sunstruck set on sale would suit me nicely. It does. Whatever needles you decide to buy, I hope you love them. My one experience with Addi Turbo is forget it, never again. I am so so so glad there are different needles for different knitters and we can each choose what best suits our needs and finances. Now to buy a Powerball ticket so I can keep feeding my knitting addiction.

From the WEBS site:

WEBS cannot verify or guarantee that any other company’s needles or cords will work with Knitter’s Pride needles. But if you’ve purchased a Knitter’s Pride product from us, we guarantee the product 100% with our no-questions-asked replacement policy.

And, as always, YMMV.

I can get the Knitter’s Pride sets at the LYS, so shipping isn’t an issue for them. I think those are the only interchangeable sets they stock, but I’m pretty sure Mary’d order whatever I wanted. My one knock against the Dreamz in general I might not have even recognized had it not been for the ones I bought single-lengths of. The 10.5 size is a dark brown, almost black, which was exactly what I DIDN’T need for fumbling around with a brown/grey/black marled single-ply alpaca blend. (It’s giving me enough trouble as it is!) Though I’m not sure the mirror finish of my stainless steel Hiya Hiyas would have made it substantially easier from that perspective.

I heard a coupe of folks at the LYS talking about one variety of Addi’s recently saying they’d “turned green”. I assume the nickel plating oxidized or something like that, which you’d think Addi would have foreseen and done something about.

Whatever anybody thinks of them, Addi’s are too rich for my blood.

[QUOTE=GrumpyGramma;1367757] My one experience with Addi Turbo is forget it, never again. I am so so so glad there are different needles for different knitters and we can each choose what best suits our needs and finances. Now to buy a Powerball ticket so I can keep feeding my knitting addiction.

I wholeheartedly agree. Everyone has their own preferences. I think I might get that Knitters Pride sampler from WEBS, just to check that out too. Of course, I could be giving myself too many options to make a decision.


Boy, do I hear you there! I finally decided which features mattered most to me and the tapered points on the wooden needles were the main deciding feature. That’s where having a metal and wooden set in the same size came in really handy. After that the colors or other features fell into place in an acceptable manner. I liked the lighter color of the Sunstrucks as it’s easier to see most colors of yarn against them.


For me a flexible cable will compensate for a [I]lot[/I]. There’s nothing I find more annoying in a circular needle than trying to knit with the approximate equivalent of two sticks glued to a Slinky. Just about anything else I’ll deal with – even if grudgingly. Number two on the list is probably a smooth, well tapered join to the cable. nothing makes Magic Loop less fun than having to fight with the needle you’re trying to get back into the stitches. (Of course only PART of that is the needle… most of it is the stitches. :mrgreen:)


By the time I got to deciding which set to buy and when, the cable question was already settled and between Knit Picks and WEBs brands I could see no appreciable difference. I still have my fat cabled first set but it’s not been used since I got what I consider grown up’s needles.

Well, obviously you people who have unloaded needles lying around don’t have enough WIPs going. What’s the matter with you? Get with the program, boys and girls! All needles should be utilized at all times–otherwise, what excuse will you have for buying more needles?!