I'm done

I’ve had about enough:wall: I have looked all over town for knit stitch pattern books to learn how to do braids and cables and just can’t find anything not even at LYS. I would buy a regular pattern book but I would never make any of the items in them. So it would be a waste. Anybody know of some online tutorials? :pray: Thanx in advance.

I searched for “how to knit cables” and a few sites came up. But give this one a try and see if it answers your questions.

I couldn’t find a video here at KH?!

There is a video about cables under the ‘advanced techniques’ tab. Check it out, I’m quite certain that KH is just about the best online tutorial there is when it comes to knitting.

Oh Zen - yes indeed! I found it!

It is listed under “Decorative Stitches” in advanced techniques. (I was looking for Cables to be in big letters.)

I agree these videos are great!

Thanx for the link. does anyone have a pattern for a saxon braided cable? I don’t really want a pattern for a garmet or anything I just want to learn how it’s done and my google search has been fruitless.

It’s here - http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall05/PATTsamus.html - on this pattern. You can just use the pattern for it with a few stitches on each edge for a border.

I learned the basics of knitting cables from the book [I]Knitting for Dummies.[/I] I checked it out from my local library. I’m pretty visual, and the pictures helped. Might be worth a try.