Im DONE with my shawl!

This should prob go to another forum but i wanted to update yall on this post…

I AM DONE!!!:woot:

I didnt like any of the borders I found already charted…so I made my own. What do yall think?

I have named this shawl the “Harvest Shawl” and am writing the pattern now. Anybody up for a test knit???

THANK YOU ALL for your help and opinions!!

WOW, that’s really awesome lacework. It’s amazing! The borders you chose worked out perfectly. I’m so jealous :smiley:

Someday I’ll have the guts to knit lace on such a big project.

Beautiful work Lisa :heart: Your border is perfect! :thumbsup:

Melissa, it is really pretty. And I think the border accents the center wonderfully.

My days of knitting lace are behind me. I can’t manage little needles anymore. But if I were, it would be a great pattern. Sure you will have plenty of takers.

This shawl is done with fingering weight yarn and US9’s by the way…

Oh WOW!! That is beautiful work!!!:cheering:

If you ever post your pattern, be sure to let me know. I’m still working on my first sock, but [I]someday[/I] I hope to be able to do something like this,


Wow!!! INCREDIBLE! :slight_smile: Awesome job!!

Hi, Melissa! :waving:

You have done an incredibly awesome job. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Very, very well done! :yay:

I’ve never knitted lace before but would love to try. When you get the pattern ready, let me know!!!

Thanks, and again - very well done! :clink:

Ruthie :knitting:


that is just lovely!!

It’s so beautiful! What kind of yarn and needles did you end up using?

Patons Kroy of all things…(it was stash)
US 9 circular and DPNs
Thank You!

oooh pretty!

It’s magnificent! A labor of love and patience! Great job!

I’m speechless, almost, probably one of the prettiest pieces I’ve seen.

If it’s done on size 9 needles, I’d love to give your pattern a try. Never knitted lace, just tatted, maybe it’s time.

GORGEOUS!!!:inlove: I love the border, I think it suits it perfectly! Oh, and I’d definitely be up for a test knit :knitting:

Alrighty then…I am going to finish putting this all together on a PDF and post a new thread when im done. I hope to hear from you there!!! Should be no more than a week.

I dont know how this works really…but if you have approximatley 1200 yards (thats a LARGE ballpark. I used just under 6 skeins of 166yd skeins. little too close for comfort for me. so i added some yardage to the yarn requirements. )of some light fingering weight yarn (i used patons kroy sock yarn)laying around… and want something to do with it…be looking for that post.

Thank you again!!!:grphug:

Patons Kroy - how does it feel? is it soft - or has it softened after washing? I just finished a small shawlette using Patons Kroy and I’m not too happy w/the feel of the finished shawl - rather scratchy.

Did you decide not to submit it somewhere for publication?

I need to get it test knitted first. Once that is done, I will submit.
It is soft once washed and blocked, well at least to everyone who has seen this piece.