I'm done with my olive color shrug!

I’ m done with my shrug tonight! Unfortenaly, I don’t have blog yet, so… I’ll tell here How i made it.

The olive shug is my de-e-ep modifity of this shrug(from ‘‘Creative knitting’’)


I was very impressed with shape of this shrug.I also like idea about blended thick yarn and thick needles.
But i didn’t like idea about ribed colar and i don’t like stocknette.

First of all, i always think about color. i wanted some SPECIAL UNUSUAL color for my future shrug. My mind was stuck beetween dark fucsia, olive green and deep peach… i go throuh all yarn what i have in my house and i decided- it’ll be olive green.
It’s how I made olive color:i blended together 4 types of different yarn(from 4 old sweaters) and I recieved exactly OLIVE .Blended yarn includes 30% wool + 70 % mersernized cotton.

Then I started to create my own shape: I changed sleeve shape a little bit, changed fronts shape a little bit,and I used back shape how it was in magazine.(The prosess of knitting I showed in ‘‘Current projects’’)
Then I picked an other type of colar, put cuffs on that, of course, i used a different stitch patters for my shrug.

           NOW IT'S READY!!!


And, of course, it looks even better on me(ha-ha!)






OH… (I almost forget!) I even knitted a special shoulder pats for olive shrug(smile!)


With thick yarn and needles N10.5 I made it in 17 days.[:)]

:star:wow!! I love the pattern of yours…what magazine is it in? love the color…
welcome to the forum!! :waving:

Wow! That is a great shrug. It does look cozy!! :stuck_out_tongue: I like the color too!!

That looks so great on you!!! You did a wonderful job!

That pattern would make a great fall coat. Just knit a longer body and don’t do the shaping in the middle.

I am not a fan of shrugs myself, but it looks great.

Thank you for your comments! I’m glad you like it!
Pattern taken from ‘‘Creative knitting’’ ,Julay 2007 but I did deep modify on that.


very stylish!! love your modifications and the color- I bet you will wear it a lot!

It’s BEAUTIFUL!!! :balloons: It reminds me of Dolores Umbridge’s outfits in the new Harry Potter movie. And I :heart: your hair!!! :slight_smile:

It’s lovely. Very, very nice!

Love it - would you post the pattern as you modified it?

It’s cute!

Adorable… way beyond my level of experience.:lol:

You remind me of Sharon Osbourne… who(m) I think is a lovely lady, btw.


That is just so sweet and elegant too… what a great color! Super job.

Thanks again!

I only starting my blog a couple days ago(no experience with blogs?!) but you can look here:



You did a beautiful job on this!! It’s really pretty, and I love the color and the sleeve shaping! :thumbsup:

Wow, you’re very creative (no pun intended)! I love how it turned out, and I love the colour.

the texture at the collar and sleeves is marvelous!!

Wow. Wish I could figure that out. I liked the shape of the shrug but nothing else about it grabbed me so I gave it a pass. I love what you did with it. Exactly what I would want. My likes are just exceeding my abilities at the moment. I would love your pattern.

Hey I made that same shrug last week! I made mine with black Lamb’s Pride. I knit mine as the pattern called for. No picture though I gave it to the massage therapist at work, trade for a massage she gave me.