I'm done, I'm ready

so this morning, I just played around in the kitchen.

now, glass of wine, a movie, and some knitting or needlepoint.

hot xxxx, I think I just figured out to do an attachment!!!

cocoa potatoes!

Well, that’s a new one on me… cocoa potatoes… How does it work?
Are you putting them in the oven with cocoa on the outside of the skin, or is the skin gone and the cocoa is right on the potato itself!
What else do you make this with?
Also… what is that that is sticking out of the potatoes? Garlic? or…?
Inquiring minds want to know… :slight_smile:

Cocoa potatoes?! Well, I don’t eat potatoes so no matter…but YAY! You can attach a pic!

ok, sorry, I haven’t checked in on this thread for a while.
cocoa potatoes are:
a madeliene type cookie, two of them with a filling of jam, jellie, cream…then, wrapped in marzipan, dusted with cocoa powder, and stuck with slivered almonds.

a tromp l’oeille of cookie baking, if you will. ( I think I spelled that wrong.)

Those sound delicious!