I'm doing research about knitting (and other hobbies), can you help?

My simple question is this: Is there a missing “yelp” for knitting-related-stuff?
What additional index/listing would be great to have? What information currently requires extra effort to find, but could be very easy to look up with the appropriate search tools?

Lastly: Would you personally be interested in helping create such an index? (I’m asking this for research and not for soliciting)

Honestly, I don’t think anything is missing. There a dozens of resources on the internet for knitters and they generally aren’t hard to find.

Have you looked at Ravelry? There’s so much basic information there about yarn and patterns.

Techknitter is another good website.

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Well if nothing is missing, I’ll just thank you for your kind help :slight_smile:


There’s always room for something new and better but right now there seems to be a plethera of columns, blogs and videos on yarn, patterns and techniques… Good luck with your research.